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Delight, De-stress, Deliver

3D SLP sends you a monthly subscription box full of professionally curated literacy resources. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with this subscription and that is always exciting for me! The prospect of new learning resources is always a source of intrigue.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpse inside the 3D SLP Box
Everything that we received in the September 3D SLP Box.
The theme is “Mysterious Night
I think this is the cutest box – EVER! I was unsure about what would come in a box such as this one and my immediate reaction is absolutely astonished. THE OWLS! Oh my goodness there needs to be a subscription box cuteness award because this is just flowing off the charts. Beyond that, everything comes in these pretty little bags and we love that.

So what is all this stuff?

Little Owl Book
So, I have a tiny confession. I already own this book. I didn’t want to ruin the fun of the unboxing by saying we already had the book! It actually came in handy with the lesson plans to have two. It is a beautifully illustrated book and I am glad that I was already familiar with it. 
What can I say, great minds think alike!
An example of one of the really cool illustrations in the book.
Owl Stamps
We received four of these multi-colored cuties for an activity that was included in the lesson plans.
Little cuties!
A gift for the one responsible for the teaching! A nice Cranberry Pocketbac and three customized 3D SLP chocolates.
This is Cranberry Apple and smells yummy!
I love that everything in this box is 3D SLP  and is customized to the theme of the box! That is definitely a first for me. There is so much thought and care put into the details. In my opinion, those are great signs. If there is that much thought put into the minutiae then the big things like curriculum have also had a lot of forethought and work put into them.
No forest would be complete without pinecones! Also how pretty are these colors together?!
Owl Scorecards
You can’t see here but not only do these serve as scorecards they are also magnets!
Woodland Creature Manipulatives
Okay, these are too cute. I do want to point out how this box is gender neutral so that a young girl or boy can appreciate it. I know Oliver loved these little guys!
Cloth Bag
This is a cool bag. We didn’t actually end up using this though, and now that I think of it I don’t really think we were supposed to use it on anything in particular.
Lesson Plans
I received curriculum before in other boxes but the lesson plans I received in this subscriptionbox are A-MAZING!
There was literally days worth of lesson plans. So many fun activities included and ideas beyond just what’s included in the box. This is perfect for early educators. There is even a whole section that helps you as far as age appropriateness! 
I was taken aback. Despite the depth of it all though, it was simple enough that we were able to have a great time!

So now what?

So the very first thing we did to kind of “kickoff” the whole box was read the “Little Owl” Book.
There we are… not the greatest picture but you guys get the idea!
Afterwards the lesson plan asks to talk about the difference between day and night in general and also in our own routines. Oliver said at night, “he goes to bed” So to Oliver nighttime means bedtime. It is funny how talking to a child opens up this whole dialogue of what they think. I know I had no  awareness of a lot of his thoughts prior. 
Then we sang a song about our forest friends to the tune of 5 Little Speckled Frogs
This was actually a lot of fun and cute. Oli really liked it. There’s a part of the song where the friends are looking for slugs? maybe snails? And you say YU-CKY and we just had such a blast!
There are four lesson plans included in the box. Of these four there are TONS of variations. You are realistically looking at a weeks worth of learning included in the box. So that things were fresh in my mind I wanted to compress them in one day. So, for the second lesson plan we are asked to re-read the “Little Owl” Book. This time we ask /wh/ questions. Who and what are we thinking of when we describe certain animals in the book. 
After we do that we talk about ourselves with a little owl activity.
It asked us questions about ourselves. “Owl About Us” Oliver’s answers were pretty hilarious. Then we cut out the owl and attached him to a stick for some finger play!
Yes, one of his favorite foods is “Costco” which basically means all the samples he gets when we go there! Gotta love him!
In the third lesson plan we hand out the owl scorecards and the book and tally up each animal we see throughout the “Little Owl” book. This is where the two books came in handy! I got my daughters in on this one as well.
I still am not sure how many animals are in the book!
The girls enjoyed this activity, Oliver just made a little puddle of marker ink on his owl and rubbed his hands in it! It was red – OF COURSE! This was the only activity he didn’t care for.
Next, we are asked to look at our forest friends sheet and name all of the animals and also determine if they are the big or little version of each
Then the girls drew forest paths and helped the owl get out using the stamps that were included.
Belle using the stamps
Penny creating her forest path
Belle’s completed forest path.
For the fourth and final lesson plan we are asked to open the book to a picture of a bear sleeping in his cave with the fish he has eaten and we then are to ask what do the other animals in the book like to eat? What would the Little Owl eat? After this we get to do (what my kids had been waiting ever so patiently for) the birdfeeder craft!
The pinecones included are to be dipped in peanut butter or honey and then birdseed (after you string them up of course) as a cute little birdfeeder. I opted, since I don’t really have a place to hang them, to not string them up and just lay them in our flower garden.
We used sunflower seeds from our sunflowers I am about to take out for the season.
Belle dipping her pinecone!
Oliver’s pinecone clearly should be the messiest!
Penny with her completed pinecone
For our final activity we did the forest animal hokey pokey and shook all of our sillies out!
Penny also participated in this dance however, she didn’t want to be photographed doing it… we are apparently at that stage now! This was a great way to end the day and we surely did have a blast!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. 3D SLP has such incredibly amazing presentation. All the customized items, and cute engaging characters make this one of the most inviting boxes we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Quality is impeccable and the curation is just… so awesome. I think, a box like this can be used in a lot of different ways. An educator or Speech Language Pathologist can take this box and give a child lessons and pass on that awesome gift of literacy. But as a Mom reviewing this, I think this is amazing to just have ideas on hand to keep these guys occupied. I felt like this really touched bases with all my kids (except Viv of course). There wasn’t a single activity that was just “eh” for any one of them. I had a great time as well! I really think this is great for early educators, homeschoolers, and daycare instructors alike. There are so many great ideas and the lesson plans were full of so much awesome information. I really could go on and on about all the things that I like about this subscription box!
I didn’t do a typical price breakdown for this box because the price, $45 monthly is mostly in the valuable curriculum we receive. We think it’s worth every single penny!

Check out 3D SLP for Yourself! 

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  1. I don't know how this just showed up in my news feeds since you posted it days ago… but I'm glad it did 😉 Loved watching the video! This looks awesome and really cute to boot; kids love the vibrant colors and hands on activities. Great way to encourage learning and knowledge expansion <3

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