Evian Facial Spray Review

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Evian Facial Spray is pretty much one of the most refreshing things that exist!
I was recently sent a few complimentary bottles and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.
I am a believer!

I was sent two different bottles a 5 ounce and 1.7 ounce.

The 5 ounce I have adopted and stays on my dresser and the 1.7 I’ve found is perfect for my bag, when I’m out it’s a great way to freshen up and keep my skin glowing!
The packaging is awesome! Love the bottles with the spray nozzle! *sidenote evian facial spray is propelled by nitrogen which is totally safe

If you aren’t familiar with evian it’s pure water from the French Alps. Untouched by chemicals. Remarkably enough it takes 15 years for the water to trickle out from the mountains. Makes this facial spray perfect for even the most sensitive of skins.

Evian Facial Spray is not only a great way to keep your skin hydrated it is also a great way to freshen up your makeup look. Simply spray on throughout the day to liven your look! Also great for hair too!

Perfectly Pure!

The sprays cost $7.50 for the 1.7 ounce and $12.50 for the 5 ounce.
I think they are incredible! I drink tons of coffee and literally FORGET to drink water. While these are no substitute for consuming water they give your skin the beauty of hydration and a great refreshing boost throughout the day!

Check Out Evian Facial Spray Here

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