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*product was received free for review

Earth’s Healing Boxes are a brand new holistic, essential oil, subscription box. Each month Earth’s Healing Boxes sends a hand selected assortment of essential oils chosen by the on staff Certified Aromatherapist. There are 3 therapeutic grade essential oils included in each box along with recipe cards. This way, you can turn the oils into different things that you can use each day. There is also an oil blend each month, this is your “ready to go” item. And there is always a surprise gift of some sort.
Subscriptions are $49.99

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside Earth’s Healing Boxes Launch Box.
Here is everything that I received in my Earth’s Healing Box.
It’s important to note that the little glass bottles were wrapped very well so they made it safely in transit.
The three were wrapped really snugly like this.
And then each were individually wrapped in this packing paper. 

So what is all this stuff?

Nature’s Gift Cajeput 15 ml Essential Oil
This smells amazing. I am still unsure if I’m saying it right and am a little surprised this isn’t more popular. Smells just a little bit like my Eucalyptus plant. This is apparently what you use if you ever, get bitten by a fire ant. We don’t have those here so our “recipe” card (there is one included for each of the oils) instructs us how to use this oil to make an excellent muscle rub (oh yes making Mr. I’m Not a Tree rub my back tonight). The recipe explains how you use a carrier oil to dilute the Cajeput oil. There is a pipette included for this very reason. On top of all that this makes a great decongestant, you can smell right away that it has that “opening” effect to it. I like this very much and look forward to using it.
*also an important note Earth’s Healing Boxes has a Tuesday workshop on their Facebook page where you can ask questions and they can guide you if you feel confused by any of the information or need some advice!
Nature’s Gift Frankincense 15 ml Essential Oil
I think of all the oils contained in The Earth’s Healing Box this one has the most medicinal benefits. It also has the most interesting scent, it’s oddly familiar? The “recipe” for the Frankincense essential oil is for a protection spray. Frankincense is an immune booster and making a spray of this can help protect you from illness. I am DEFINITELY enlisting this, this year to ward off all of those school germs! 
I totally made a Frankincense spray to spray EVERYWHERE to keep us from getting sick. I had to dig around a little to find the right sort of decanter but I did, eventually find this one. Yay!
Nature’s Gift 15ml Geranium Essential Oil
This essential oil is GREAT for scars. As a Mom, I know I have a few stretch marks and the “recipe” card included for this oil explains how you mix the Geranium oil with water and use as a wash on any scar that you’d like to lessen the appearance of. Geranium is also considered a “woman’s oil” because of it’s aid in the areas of menstruation and menopause. Also pictured is the pipette for use with carrier oils.
Clary Sage Calming Roll On
This price is a guess. This is my very favorite thing included in the box. Clary Sage is great for many things. It helps to calm us and keep us focused. I love that this came in the form of a roll on because I am going to apply this ALL THE TIME.
The scent reminds me of tea and a friend I had as a child whose parent’s had sage not only hanging but burning all over their house. If you are pregnant this brings on labor. This is however, great for PMS and “that time of the month” in general. 
Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Pendant
This price is based on other comparable items and so it’s just a guess. 
This is great to hang from the rear view mirror of your car. All you have to do is add a drop of your chosen oil to the white stone and let the scent do it’s magic!
This pendant definitely has a “fun” feeling to it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. First things first, the presentation here is awesome. Earth’s Healing Boxes come in a small nondescript box but that should not fool us! Everything is carefully packaged and labeled and sent to us very well and with a lot of forethought. So on that front we are super happy. Curation is excellent. I think for a launch box everything was sent to kind of show us the “possibilities” It does say on the informational sheet that boxes will be chosen based on the month, season, time of year (you get the drift) and we think for an inaugural box this is a really great assortment! As far as quality, these are clinical grade essential oils, so this is what you would get if you went and had a massage or an aromatherapist session. So again, we are happy with that. I really felt like I learned a lot with this box, which is a cool change of pace. I had a really good time and if you share my interest you should definitely give Earth’s Healing Boxes a shot!
As far as box economy. We only have a rough estimate, but for the $49.99 that the box costs we received roughly $60. Which is awesome considering the recipes and all the knowledge can’t really be factored into the price!

Check out Earth’s Healing Boxes Here

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