The Crafty Mail | October 2015 | “Think Pink” | Review | Unboxing

*product was received free for review

The Crafty Mail is a monthly subscription box for all things handmade. A carefully curated selection of different vendor contributions lends to this amazing box. Subscriptions are $30 monthly and the selections ranges anywhere from home decor to bath products. It’s always fun to find out!
One of the best things about The Crafty Mail is they ship almost everywhere so you aren’t limited because of you location!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside this month’s The Crafty Mail
Love their little stamp!
Everything that we received in the October “Think Pink” The Crafty Mail.
This is the first themed box for them and for such a noble cause!
Everything really is pink too!

So what is all this stuff?

There were two wine charms included. Love the way these are presented! There’s a lot of attention to detail. Along with the wine charms there was also a subscribers only coupon.
I couldn’t even bring myself to take these off of the card they came on, it was so pretty!
“You gain strength courage and confidence by every experience  you really stop to look fear in the face.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
That was the quote on the card that was included and we think it’s pretty apt.
This price is an approximation based on another gift tag on their site. This is a beautiful gift tag, there are so many layers to it. The Party Fox also makes other paper crafts like cupcake toppers. 
The back of the pink ribbon paper is pink ladies, even though it’s very dainty it still manages to keep it fun! 
What a great way to personalize a gift for someone! Not only is this good for someone you know battling or that has battled breast cancer, these also make great gifts for people who have done the relays for life, or races for the cure! I haven’t decided yet what I am going to do with mine… I will show you guys once I figure it out!
This is another approximation of price based on another painting on her website. This “Love” painting on stretched canvas is so quaint! I particularly love the handwritten note included with it. It was like a gift – a grand finale to a stellar box! Also, I saw a Philadelphia Eagles pillow on her site so me thinks she may be an Eastern Pennsylvanian like myself. I tried to look her up (internet espionage style) but couldn’t find out for sure! There was also an exclusive subscribers only coupon included with her card.
Last month they brought us an oatmeal bath soak, this month it’s a cotton candy scrub!
This smells divine, like sugar and cream!
I actually used this, this morning and it was really nice! It isn’t too scratchy, which I really like and can appreciate!
This is my very favorite thing in the box. This quirky print is right up my alley! If you want an accurate scale of the size (it’s big) watch the unboxing! I am so in love with this bow. Click around their Etsy too they have tons of really great little girl and boy items!
This is another guess as far as prices go, there are none on the Sip.Simmer.Serve site but $3 seems about right for comparable decals. We really, really, like this and actually have a surprise gift planned for someone we know with this. This can apply to so many situations and we love to take time out so we can encourage and empower someone, which absolutely catches the spirit of this decal in our opinion !
I will not lie, I am a girl from the hood. This compact gets me. Love this, so much fun!
I love this shop! They are a frequent The Crafty Mail contributor and their stuff is always very different, not what’s being done anywhere else and super cool!
There was an instructable video link included in this kit that detailed how to make the paper ornament. Mine isn’t perfect because I rushed a little so I could show you guys.
There it is! My cutesy little paper ornament!
This is gorgeous and hand painted! This is a magnet and there were no other magnets in her Etsy shop. She does have beautiful sets of coasters and vases though, go check her out! Love these colors and the swirling! There was also an exclusive subscribers only coupon included with her magnet.
Bionca Waller Hair Ties
Love the little pink ribbon clip! Her Etsy has so much cute going on I cannot contain myself. Seriously, there are so many seasonal hair bows and brooches I wanted to scream, so adorable! This trio though would be super cute for a little pigtail number! I just may have to try it out!
This has a light powdery scent. But the glitter, though! B’s Bubbles was also a contributor for last month’s box and I am excited to see them in again! This soap is so cute and could easily also apply for a Valentine’s Soap as well! This is one of the first times I’ve received a handmade soap that has a glossy exterior, which I find interesting. It’s usually has a matte (for lack of a better word) look to it. So that was definitely different.
These earrings are so beautiful, the colors are perfect. Such a delicate, feminine piece of jewelry. Beyond that though, the beadwork is stunning, The layers are inter-dependent of each other so they can spin freely, which gives them a flow. They are spectacular! Check out her other stuff— there is a filigree bird necklace that is absolutely stunning! If we had to guess a price based on the other things in the shop we’d say about $15 for this pair of earrings.


Because supplies were limited I received an abbreviated box. The vendors below also contributed items to the “Think Pink” The Crafty Mail Box this month. 
(Paper Clips)
(Pencil Bags)

So in Summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This is another sweep for The Crafty Mail! The first in their themed boxes is such a hit! First, the cause Breast Cancer is awesome, and relevant! They secondly, did an awesome job making a pink box as well! The curation is superb!This box is for you if you love to support small shops and appreciate hand made items. As is par for the course with The Crafty Mail quality is awesome, love the vendors and love that they are still rotating and bringing in new shops as well as keeping some of the familiar faces around! Presentation? Well it’s a pink box — LOVE!
As far as box economy The Crafty Mail costs $30 even though we received an abbreviated version of the box we still received (approximately) $70 in merchandise which is AMAZING! 
This is one of my faves, like the Holy Grail of Handmade! 

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