What’s Up These Days

So busy with all these reviews I haven’t had a second to post about life stuff… what we’re doing, getting into, finding out about!

We are almost done with The Wire which is kind of saddening. I know I’m a decade too late. But we started (also late) watching The League which is insanely hilariously and totally inappropriate. Love it!
Listening to?

All. Damn. Day

The name of the game is snaps. And the point of the game is figuring out how to play the game. We are totally addicted to weirding everyone out by playing this simple, yet strange game in front of them. 
Party Time

Saturday is Isabelle’s 6th Birthday Party which is Halloween themed. 
We are hosting some family, friends, and a couple classmates. We’re gonna do it right too with pumpkin painting, bobbing for apples, and a good old fashioned pinanta! (If you have any cool suggestions for party ideas I’d love to hear them personally)

The Haul Video of all the Decor

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