Cardbox | Review | Unboxing | October 2015

*product was received free for review

The Cardbox is a subscription box from Sendtiment an online greeting card company that also has a super cool greeting card app. Their subscription sends a handpicked selection of greeting cards and stationary for a mere $15 monthly and while they are a Canadian Subscription the shipping fee is only $5 whether you are in Canada or the US. They do also have international shipping however fees for that vary.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Cardbox
I love, love, love this box. It has such a matronly, delicate feel to it. Ever so pretty.
Dainty, right?
Here is everything that we received in the Cardbox.
What a fun collection of greeting cards and gift tags from Sea + Lake Paper Co.!
I will be honest — most of these I can see other people giving out, particularly Mr. I’m Not a Tree. 

So what is all this stuff?

Sea + Lake Thank You Card
Love this card! It has a fun and simple feeling to it! Not sure if those are balloons on there or not but this is a great way to let someone know that you appreciate them and what they’ve done for you. The cards we received were blank on the inside – so we can get really specific. 
Sea + Lake Paper Co Wish You Were Here Card
Particularly, apt if you are missing someone at present, this card says I miss you but doesn’t get all teary eyed about it. Love the tounge in cheek humor a lot of this companies cards have. Check out their shop for some very funny (and slightly inappropriate) cards. 
(inside -all cards-)
Sea + Lake Paper Co. Happy Birthday Card
Love this one! What a cute way to give someone a birthday shout! I think this is really good in any instance involving a guy – for a guy or from a guy this is totally suitable. I like the colors, to me this card just screams fun!
Sea + Lake Paper Co. Pizza Card
My very favorite of all the cards that were included this month. Not only is this card adorable as far as its message, I am also loving the whimsical feeling it possesses. Is it not enough that I love you more than delicious pizza?!
Sea + Lake Paper Co. You’re Fantastical Card
This card is PERFECT for young girls out there, as a bit of encouragement or praise for a job well done. Very fun and just a little bit prissy which is kind of perfect for most of the young ladies I happen to live with! 
Sea + Lake Paper Co. Gift Tags
$2.80 (for all 4)
Okay these are awesome! They are super cheeky and a perfect addition to any gift. 
Love the center one the most (I think). So clever and cute!
Seriously, these are so funny!  A lot of times, particularly if it’s someone you want to think highly of you – gift giving can be quite stressful — tags like this take some of that pressure off.That’s a big part in why we like them so much but also because they are adorable!
The backs all had To / From (although they all had different fonts)
Sea + Lake Paper Co. Notepad
If only being an adult were that simple. Amirite?! This is super fun and I will definitely use this. The listmakers out there will agree you can never have too many notepads.
I like that it comes with the option of a magnet
Totally optional as it wasn’t attached to the back of the book!
Sendtiment Gift Tags
A little extra! Cut out these cutesie gift tags to put on… just about anything!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. I think the one thing that stands out with the Cardbox is the presentation. There’s a focus on aesthetics and they’ve brought us something beautiful that we can enjoy. We love that about it! Curation is also awesome! I really like that we are introduced to a different shop each month, and we experience each facet of that shop’s business. That’s not something that is done often because there is usually such a push for variety. That’s not to say there isn’t variety with the Cardbox either, because we’ve received quite a selection in this months box. We’re receiving the variety from only one source and we think that’s a different and attractive approach. Quality is also great, all the items included are amazing and worthy of the box.
I really enjoyed this box, I felt like all the elements come together and we get a really nice experience. This is a box for anyone who loves pretty stationary and greeting cards.
As far as box economy the Cardbox is $15 and has a $5 shipping fee. We received about $33 worth of stationary and cards! So we definitely think the box is a great deal!

Check out The Cardbox for Yourself

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