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*product was received free for review

Pumelli is a new subscription that sends monthly care packages. Giving it’s subscribers “Permission to Relax”. If that isn’t enticing enough many of the items included – which are teas, textured items, stationary, and hand crafted pieces – are fair trade. Subscriptions start at $49.95

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
The quote is from Thich Nhat Hanh and reads, “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

Our first glimpses inside the Pumeli Box. I love that the inserts are made from elephant dung paper! How crazy is that! Not one tree was cut to make it!
Here is everything that we received in the Pumeli Launch Box. Clearly, the theme this month was elephants. The choice to theme the box after elephants is not immediately apparent. However, because of elephants slow and mindful living and their curiosity and creativity we are asked to model those admirable qualities and behaviors with the items included in the October Pumeli Box

So what is all this stuff?

I am in love with their entire shop, seriously go check them out. 
But about the towel, this towel is 100% organic. Manufactured fair trade in India. Inks are all water based and non toxic. It’s such a cool color. I like that the box is based around our tactile senses and this adds such a “heavy” element which directly contrasts with a lot of the “softer” items in the box. 
So, in the unboxing I didn’t know what those little papers are. That’s because they’re not papers, they are tea bags! How cool is that? I have never seen anything like that before. 
While Rooibos isn’t my favorite tea it is nice on occasion and I know many people who really enjoy it (Mr. I’m Not a Tree). It’s also caffeine free – which is great because you’re supposed to relax with this box!
When it comes to texture you have to admit, there is nothing quite as textured as Red Rock Tea. This also included detailed steeping instructions so I CANNOT mess it up! Also, good to note that The Tea Spot donates 10% of their sales to cancer and wellness programs.
I do not put stock in many instant things but I am drinking this as I write this blog post and it is delicious! So rich and decadent. Simply add hot water or mix with milk and pour over ice for an Iced Chai as well!
My currently half consumed Chai.
I adore gray. It is one of my favorite … shades.This notebook is so chic. The fabric is extremely evocative which is what I assume they intended with all the textures that were included. I can’t seem to get it wrapped exactly as pretty as they had it when I first unboxed it but it still stays shut. 
There were different quotes on the notebooks included in each box. If you purchase one alone you can choose your saying. I received the one pictured above and I LOVE it! So very true. Every choice and action we make defines who we are. 
The elephant dung paper was also used for the notebook. Not only is this sustainable and fair trade, it’s also very textured. If you look you can see the fibers it contains. It’s a beautiful notebook and was an excellent inclusion.
This stamp is hand made in India. While it’s initial intent is to be used as a  fabric stamp Pumeli includes this as a way to relax. We are instructed to run our fingers over the design and keep our awareness on the texture and grain of the wood. I actually want to use it to decorate. It’s a striking piece and has the smell of Linseed oil, which I love.
It came in this beautiful handmade, reusable burlap bag.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Pumeli is a beautifully curated box. The colors and textures for this first launch box were stunning. The effort to include sustainable, fair trade, organic, and hand made vendors is an example of the overall thought put into this subscription. The theme of elephants and all the small details that tie it all together are a huge plus.This is an excellent subscription for anyone who not only needs to relax and unwind but also for those people who do yoga and practice meditation.The intent to be mindful is ever present in the Pumeli subscription box. All great quality and presented beautifully. I love the inserts and all the gray for Elephants. This is an impressive first showing for the Pumeli subscription box.
As far as box economy the Pumeli is a little bit pricier at $49.95 but we received $78 in products. And if you are like myself and get a massage each month, it’s less than the cost of a massage! 

Check out Pumeli for Yourself!

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