Belle’s 6th Halloween Themed Birthday Party

Belle’s Halloween Birthday

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I wasn’t trying to go all Pinterest Crazy with this party…. I know a lot of women do that. I find though I get a little too attached to the way “I think” things should go and then remember this is a party full of 6 year olds… YOU CAN’T PLAN THAT! So, in all my infinite wisdom I keep it simple and try not to lose my shit about the “details” 

Maybe you saw the haul

That is most of the stuff I got to decorate although I did repurpose a few of our babies breath containers from the wedding for forks and spoons and the like.
I think… my Mother in Law got those at Hobby Lobby? 
Almost all the decorations were purchased at either Party City or The Dollar Tree (Love me some dollar tree)
Our cake a chocolate mousse (which was delicious) was bought (premade) at Costco and fit both the Birthday and Halloween perameters. (Pictured above)
It was a total excuse to put Viv in her First Halloween Outfit which I purchased at Target (who’s selection was dwindling)
And then there at Target I experienced my first pangs of buyers remorse
If you watched the haul you know I bought a cute pumpkin pinata. I saw these at Target, same price.
I like these so much! 
That table is all stuff I showed you guys in the haul put to use! This was the food table — which we had a 12pm Pizza Party with $5 Little Caesars Hot and Readys!
The only decorations that you could even say I “crafted” just twisted some streamers and hung them from the ceiling. We are at a that weird stage where everything has to be like three to four feet from the floor otherwise someone (Oliver) will just destroy it. Christmas should be fun this year.
My pumpkin painting station.I used the eco paints I received in The Art Kit.
Mr. I’m Not a Tree oversaw all the pumpkin painting and pinata-ing. Mostly because while the day prior was glorious the day of the party was seasonable and chilly. So my house was crowded and the kids were cold!
As you can see there aren’t any of the kids… mostly because some things you just have to keep private darlings! It was a fun party, and most importantly Belle had a great day. 

Now to the big question?

We were inspired by quite a few other parties we had been to where the kids didn’t open the gifts. We always strive to NOT make the point the gifts. And even when people ask for gift ideas I always make it a point to say gifts are totally optional. In my opinion the focus should be this event and the people, not things. But people were not having that… they wanted their gifts opened. And one person led to two and then two to …. “We weren’t going to do gifts here” and then it gets awkward and Belle is like can I just open my friggen gifts? (She didn’t use that word though) But anyway just curious how you guys approach all that, would love to know! Also I can’t figure out how to center the poll so, deal!

Do you let your children open gifts at their birthday party?
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