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*product was received free for review

The EatsieBox is a new snack subscription service still in it’s infancy, the site launches the 28th of October.This lady right here was lucky enough to get her hands on a launch box to show you guys just what you might get in your very own EatsieBox! What makes this snack subscription service different is that upon subscribing you can tailor your box based on taste preferences. If you hate gummy candy, don’t fret.. it just won’t be there. Don’t like milk chocolate? Never fear EatsieBox will supply you with coffee, tea, jerky, hard candy, even dog snacks as a substitution. Subscriptions will cost $23 + Shipping – however there will be an early bird price of $19 if you sign up during the launch (Until November 3rd)!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
The EatsieBox is full of cute little stamps.
You’re Welcome
Our first glimpse inside the EatsieBox and we are excited! Look at all those snacks! Although you can customize the EatsieBox I chose not to this month mostly because I wanted you guys to see what a standard box from them might contain. Next month I’ll customize based on my tastes.
Everything that we received in our first EatsieBox. There’s a really wide variety and I think it’s purposefully so. There’s some big names and little names and a couple things “just for fun” items. Definitely what we want to see in a launch box!

So what is all this stuff? 

Pure Honey 
There were three of these small honey packets included in the EatsieBox
There are a lot of “Pure Honey” companies out there… couldn’t find this exact one. 
They came wrapped really cute
This is that really spreadable honey! I love this stuff, it reminds me of the kind that Winnie the Pooh ate! I added some to a cup of Raspberry Black Tea and it was awesome! 
Rubber Ducky
A viking duck?! Why the heck not! Anyone out there ever play Munchkin Games? Kind of remind you of that a little? 
Go Picnic
Okay, firstly this is a snack for realski! I like sweet stuff but I also enjoy savory and you don’t get a lot of that in snack subscriptions. SAY NO MORE! Secondly, I never add in calorie info to my reviews because mostly I don’t live my life counting. I have my own personal philosophies but it comes down to whether you want something… if you’re concerned about the calories, eat less? Having said that, 360 Calories is like… whoa son. It really is a ready to eat meal.
This thing is not kidding. It opens up into its own box.
The pita chips were good although they were multigrain. The spread wasn’t nearly as bad as this picture. (Seriously, could this be any blurrier?) It was an italian herb and was really buttery. The rice krispie was vegetarian which is pretty awesome. I know when I didn’t eat meat finding a gelatin free Rice Krispie Treat was like the Holy Grail. All in all this Go Picnic Meal was legit! I want more!
Reese’s Snacksters
I got mauled by my kids. They ate most of this. I did try it and it was good, definitely sweet. The kids loved it!
There was a weird dip to stick ratio at the end. The kids were just kind of dipping their fingers in. There should be like two more sticks in there! Come on Reese’s, I know there’s no wrong way but… seriously?
Haribo Twin Cherries
Totally familiar with these cherry flavored gummies. Love em!
My kids insisted I take pics of them — with the cherries — making weird faces, enjoy!
Southern Boy Iced Tea
This is coconut cream pie flavored iced tea…. that is new to me and I was a barista! I haven’t actually had a chance to try this yet because Mr. I’m Not a Tree isn’t around and I think he would really enjoy trying this! I’ll let you guys know what we think. I do like that something like this was included, it’s different and unique and not something I would have ever found out about on my own!
Taste Weavers Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip
I haven’t tried this yet, only because I don’t have anything proper to dip in it. I am pumped about receiving this though. Looks like it’s going to be quite a treat. Also, check out their site, they have tons of stuff that looks equally yummy!
Brownie Brittle Toffee Crunch
If you haven’t tried this out, you need to. I buy this at Costco all the time and it is amazing!
It’s just crunchy pieces of brownie but it is oh so good! And this particular one has toffee which makes it even better in my opinion!
Ring Pops
Good old fashioned Ring Pops. Who can even say they haven’t had one of these at some point and gotten their fingers all sticky! I will probably dole these out for good behavior to my little ones. 
3D Dinosaur Puzzle
No idea of a price on this. It’s a foam Stegosaurus puzzle and it’s from National Geographic Kids. It says Free! on the left there… 
We haven’t built it yet. But I am certain we will.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The EatsieBox has tons of promise. We love the curation. For a first sort of “stock” box they have given us a variety of items to work with and they’ve also figured out there are kids in the mix and kids love little doo-dads. We are excited to see what we get when we customize, we think we will swoon over the EatsieBox. It is presented very well and everything arrived as it should. The quality is awesome. We found some new brands and re-discovered some old! All in all we thought this box was a yummy new find!
As far as box economy with what we could figure out prices of we received about $23 in products and that doesn’t include the things we don’t have the price of. The $19 early bird pricing would make this a total steal and the $23 EatsieBox normal subscription price wouldn’t be bad either! 

Check out EatsieBox for Yourself!

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