What’s Up Wednesday

Hope you guys are having a great week!
I kind of liked that little post I did last week about what was going on… maybe it will be ongoing? 
At least for now it is!

So what’s up with us you ask?

Viv turns 6 months old TODAY!
And by the looks of it she’s going to be an early crawler!?


Made chicken breasts for dinner tonight that I smothered in butter, sazon, and cilantro.
They were pretty phenomenal!


Alright so I’m watching a new show
(I didn’t realize it was that old)
A mid 20th century show set in England’s East End where at that time womens’ were just popping ’em out. 
It’s a very cool show if you like period dramas. It’s pretty intense!
Also a new one I found last night in boredom… 
I don’t have cable and it’s a personal decision – so when I tell you about shows if I sound way late to the party it’s because I’m finding all this stuff organically. No commercials, no motivation. Just sheer boredom. Yeah, Mr. I’m Not a Tree was in Boston the past few days so I’ve been surfing the internet and “Netflixing and Chilling alone
It’s an HGTV series where a husband wife team rehabs home and the whole “flipping a house” thing is cool but they’re chemistry is HILARIOUS and I am super crushing on her style. They’re super bohemian and the show is just tons of fun!


I bought the First Sookie Stackhouse Novel…
Still haven’t started reading it, I’m supposed to be reading this.

Listening to

Fleet Foxes. My Current Music Fave.

What are you guys up to?

I’m planning a Rooster Fin Game Night this weekend!
Yay! Little People Board Games are always so much fun!!!
Thanks Tryazon!

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