Beauty Box Battle | October 2015 | Review | Unboxing

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It’s that time of the month again! 

Battle of the Beauty Boxes

Maybe you read last month or even the month before either way this is one of our favorite times of the month mostly because we get to make a haul video!

Check out the unboxy box video

Let’s Get Right to It

I decided to start with this box entirely because I know this isn’t my winner. In fact, I knew that when I bought it. We just really like the Target Boxes! This isn’t a bad box, it just isn’t the right one for me. In case you aren’t familiar Target (more and more frequently, seemingly) puts out 5,7, and even 10 dollar beauty boxes. They are inexpensive but fun boxes that are muchas fun.
Everything we received in the Target Style Box this go round.

What’s in it?

Random Revitalift and Loreal Foils. I will never use these. I don’t say that to sound ungrateful but in a house full of children things like this just aren’t practical. I will pass them on to someone though who I am sure will use them!
Cell Renewal Patch (It’s just a sticker guys!)
And fo’ yo’ information, I do not need to exfoliate the backs of these hands!
This is actually kind of cool. They are called “Loreal Paris True Match Shade Strips” and this is a nifty little color guide that I am actually going to hold on to for future reference.
This alone pays for the box and while it isn’t the funnest product we’ve ever received in a box it’s definitely one of our favorite all time mascaras!
I haven’t used this yet… and you know me and shampoos. I just don’t believe it until I see it!
I’ve never heard of this and apparently this is a “cult favorite” Maybe it works great, I really don’t use hairspray that much so I can’t be certain. I can tell you that the smell is NOT that great… it’s very old lady smelling. 
So that’s Target for the month… an OK mix of stuff and about $15 in products.
Ipsy wasn’t bad this month but it was a bit underwhelming. It’s usually my big winner but it was a bit of a tie for me this month. I do, love this bag. Gorgeous. In case you didn’t know Ipsy is a monthy beauty subscription box that sends a variety of products but kind of hones in on makeup. Selection is based on your initial style quiz you take upon subscribing.
Oranges are definitely sold separately. The theme for this month’s Ipsy is “Alter Ego” and the products never match the theme… the bag does. The back of it is a vinyl glossy black. Watch the haul video above to see!

What’s in it?

I am not even going to lie I was really excited about this. I’ve been wanting to try one of these products for a while and so… well… now I have my chance. If you aren’t familiar this is a 5 in 1 mascara and honestly that doesn’t mean much. Just that it’s technically a conditioner, lengthener, primer, comber and something else that I have since forgotten.
Interesting little padded wand… 
It kind of reminds me of one of those derma brushes. Kind of weird, they are plastic bristles not the fiber ones that you always tend to see in mascaras.
Don’t mind my eyebrows… they are so NOT on point (neither is the rest of my face which is why I covered it up) As you can see the left eye is doused in some mascara and the left is not. It really does work… the formula is a bit bulky and sticky and I guess that makes sense when you think about it. Just way thicker than I had imagined. As far as this being an eyelash brush… not so much.
Peter Lamas Naturals Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub
I am pumped that I got this! Love pumpkin! It does smell kind of vanilla pumpkin-y too. I know I’ve heard that pumpkin reduces puffiness and redness before so I am excited to see if that is true! I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I thought in my empties video!
Holy Shnikes! These are some expensive tweezers. I had to exchange currency because Emite is a European Company. These are really pretty but I already have a set… so of course I will hoard these as an extra in case Mr. I’m Not a Tree loses mine removing splinters or other weird objects from his body
Aren’t they gorgeous?
The handle is nice and well, I feel like I can really get in and do my job with these guys. I actually need to do some brow work, evidenced in the photo above… maybe Ipsy has ESP.
This is a “for all hair types” which usually means that it doesn’t apply to me. I will however, give it a shot. I do love the coral colored packaging and who knows, I see one of the ingredients is Argan Oil and I love Argan Oil… just might be my next miracle, holy grail product!
I love this color! And I love the stain it leaves. I left it on my hand overnight and it didn’t budge so it truly is long lasting and I assure you that I do in fact wash my hands!
Pretty corally, mauve kind of color. Great for fall and for me!
So, that is Ipsy for this month. Not bad, just kind of eh. I did like a couple of the items but nothing really WOWED me! For our $10 we did receive about $60 in stuff which is NOT bad at all!

Big Winner Time!

I know right? This is the first time they’ve taken home the big gold star! Kind of cool. The box wasn’t really doing it for me this month to be honest. I get that it’s for Breast Cancer Research but they can do a little better if you ask me! If you didn’t already know much like Ipsy, Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you a hand selected assortment of deluxe samples each month based on an initial style quiz you fill out upon subscribing. Ipsy focuses on makeup whereas Birchbox has kind of carved out their niche in the “skincare” world.
Everything that we received in our Birchbox this month. As I said above the theme was “Think Positive” and was for Breast Cancer Research since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What’s in it?

This shampoo smells and looks amazing. Love the lavender, and what can I say this little clementine inspired me. Of course after I took these pictures I ate it. Whatever, I plucked that flower!
I do feel like I will like this product based on it’s description. It’s for frizzy and course hair which is perfect! I do love the container as well. Very cool!
The conditioner is just a little foil but we like the matte package and the color. We will keep it! It’s so cute!
I have no idea if that price is accurate. That’s what I saw on Ebay. Anyway, I really want to like this. I can’t though because I just don’t. The smell is perfect until you get this under note that smells sour… I am still unsure what it is. I wish I could find out because I would strike it out of my vocabulary entirely. I do love the packaging. I think this is targeted towards people like me, which is why I am so sad we just aren’t a fit. 
See what it says there? Inspired by Rumi, and one of the creators is Tilda Swinton? Dawhhh… makes us sad! We love you Tilda! We love you Rumi!
This is one expensive mascara. It’s by a company called Eyeko. Now that I see the price I really want to try it out. (I haven’t yet)
I’m not a huge fan of the curved wand and I have tons of mascaras in the “queue” but I’ll need to be using this soon.
The sole reason Birchbox won. Love the little drawings on the package and the clam pearl color is to die for!
Will definitely be rocking this! I will probably even use Birchbox points to buy the full size if it’s available.
I have never tried anything by Shiseido before, and now I get to! This ultra high end Power Infusing Concentrate (I think that means hydration?) goes on nice and light and lends the skin a nice glow. I will let you know more once I give it a good few uses!
So, that is Birchbox this month with a good mix and while I still am not wowed much this month it was a good box by all accounts. and for our $10 we received $67 in products!

Check Back Next Month!

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