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*games were received in exchange for social promotion

I was picked through Tryazon to host a Rooster Fin Gamenight! 

Along with many others across the nation I got to have a little game night with some friends and play these games! It was an absolute blast
(All the Deets After the Jump!)

Rooster Fin was kind enough to send me three games to try

They also sent me quite a few pass along coupons. If any of my readers are interested use the contact form below and I will mail one to you (I have a few leftover)- these would make EXCELLENT Christmas Gifts!
I love that the Rooster Fin line of games are from the mind of a former Math Educator. These games are great examples of learning — without knowing your are learning. 

I received 

A simple game of repeating patterns. Improves memory, coordination, and encourages pattern recognition.
The “mohawkz” make each weight of the ball different. You gently bounce the ping pong like ball off the table and try to get it into the cardboard ring included. The weights make it difficult (I recommend this game for people with older kids otherwise you just chase the balls around) I think what kids gain from a game like this is a little bit of a better understanding of geometry and spatial reasoning.
This game is great for hammering home more and less and a lot of the fundamentals of probability. I was able to really show Isabelle some of those skills thanks to this game!
The beauty of each of these games is that they are ridiculousy easy to play and short. The kids don’t lose their attention before the game has finished, as is usually the case. My 6 year old fully understood how to play each game in a only a few minutes. Mr. I’m Not a Tree had no problem setting up any of the games. Everyone who played these agreed they were awesome!
I think that Lumpy Cubes is my absolute favorite but maybe that’s just because…

I Won

Check out Rooster Fin Games for Yourself

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