Freeman Mystery Bag | Fall 2015 | Review | Unboxing

The Freeman Mystery Bag is a little bit more like a Mystery Box but whatever. It’s filled with beloved Freeman Beauty Products and has a ton of fun stuff for just $30

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Freeman Mystery Bag
Everything that we received in the Freeman Mystery Bag
What an interesting mix! Love all the colors!

So, what is all this stuff?

There were 7 packets included as “free” with purchase

To be honest this is mostly what I know Freeman for. Masks and such, so I assumed a lot of what I would receive would be full size items like these being this is my first Freeman Mystery Bag. I love their masks! The colors and scents are really enticing and being the skincare lover that I am it’s hard to say no. This was about the extent of the fun and colorful masks. I did get to choose a couple of these so you will see a lot of mint, lemon, and sage!
This has an interesting grape-y and mint scent. I do think the lychee scent is super fun though – even if the whole premise of this product is a bit gross. I will use this though on sneakers every so often just to keep them fresh… why the heck not!
Psst… Volumizing Boost
I’m curious if this actually works. I’ve never heard of this but apparently you sprinkle this (it’s like a talc) into the roots of your hair for instant texture and volume.. we shall see kiddos!
Okay, here’s where I start to get confused because I thought freeman was just masks… I’ve never heard of this forever beautiful line or like.. half the lines they have listed on the site. But about this product. Weird lotion to foam and then wipe off. I only tried it in the unboxing so I can not actually speak for it’s effects… yet.
This has a really subtle scent and I love the fun colors of the packaging. When I think Freeman, this is what I’m reminded of so I am really stoked that this was included.
At first I had a lot of questions about this product. Like, “If this is an all over polish why is it called Bare Foot?” and, “If this is an all over polish why is it’s container shaped like a foot?” Seems misleading but you know I haven’t tried it — so before I open my mouth and insert foot I need to form an opinion about the product contained inside first!
I don’t need this yet so hopefully I can find someone to pass this on to.
They have a bunch of these, there’s one for stretch marks, spider veins, age spots, and laser recovery (whatever that is) I have no idea as to their effectiveness but it might be something somebody out there is interested in!
I don’t know the price of this because it isn’t listed on their website. This is like an in shower lotion. I haven’t tried it but the scent is “OK” I’m not big on Blackberry scents.
The name is very fancy isn’t it? A body souffle is a body lotion in essence. I do like this a lot and I love, love, love the scent. The whole Mimosa Honeysuckle line on the Freeman site looks delectable!
It has only a tiny bit of a floral smell. I will definitely use this and let you guys know what I think in an upcoming empties video.

So in summary

The Freeman Mystery Bag isn’t a typical subscription so we can’t do our usual breakdown. We can say though that while it wasn’t entirely what we had expected it was a great range of Freeman products. We really liked that we gained some knowledge about different products that Freeman offers as well because we had no idea that they existed before. And we will definitely be ordering this next time it’s available!
As far as box economy for the $30 that this costs we received around $90 in products which is crazy! We think this would make a really awesome Christmas gift for the person that loves beauty products!

Check out the Freeman Mystery Bag For Yourself

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