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Koala Crate is a monthly subscription box for 3-4 year olds. It contains a themed box full of crafts and fun activities for you and your little one. A long time ago I subscribed to something similar and so this is the first time in a long time I’ve received a box like this. There’s also Kiwi Crate, Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate for your olders as well. Each costs $19.95 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Koala Crate October Crate
Everything that we received in this month’s Koala Crate. The theme was “Starry Night” and I have to say this is quite enticing as a parent. It just feels like a bunch of very bonding activities. I was definitely excited to do this with Oli.

So what is all this stuff?

Model Magic
We received a 1 ounce package of white model magic
Teal Fabric
A large piece of this teal fabric was included for one of the crafts.
Little Bits
This little cellophane baggie included a piece of organza ribbon, a string, and a little wooden ball.
Paper Ribbon
That kind of looks like the GE symbol, no?
 Sphere Ornament
A plastic see through sphere and a small green sponge were also included.
Cardboard Stand
I love the little pictures on here, super cute!

Imagine Starry Night Activity Book
This is a super cute activity book. I love how put together everything is. The theme of the box ties in very well with the items included.
The insert contains tips and instructions for all the crafts. (There are two for this particular crate) Also gives you reading tips for the storybook.
The Moon Makers Storybook
This book is so darn cute!
Love the moon cutout on each page.
Foam Ball
Just a simple foam ball.

Okay, so now what do you do with it all?

Alright, to be totally honest Oliver is a little young for some of this (he is two and a half) but since we are home during the day together I kind of wanted to find something that we could bond over and thought this might be an appropriate option.
We started with the meteor toss game
Saying my helper is “hands on” is an understatement. 
This guy is about these projects. 
Basically, with this one we are constructing a meteorite and then trying to toss it into a ring as a game. I will readily admit that this is a bit beyond Oliver. He could care less about meteorites and the game was fun for about a minute or two. However, in a year or so I am sure he would appreciate this so much!
All of this crafts “ingredients”
Now it’s clear what the foam ball and fabric are for. This is our meteorite.
Admiring our finished product
A ringer! The meteorite has successfully been pulled into our galaxy. Gotta love the universe!!! Hopefully it doesn’t collide with our little blue planet. 
Next we did the Make a Moon Craft
Oliver with all the make a moon ingredients!
He thought there was candy inside – I don’t even think he yet has the verbal capacity to voice his disappointment.
First we built the cardboard stand.
Then we tied the string to the ornament and tested it out for length.
Here we are rolling out the clay
This actually was a little tricky. There’s no way a three year old could do this themselves or really at all. Parents need to be the driving force behind this portion of the craft
Next we press the little wooden ball into the clay to form craters. This is super cute and Oliver really enjoyed this part. (It took FOREVER)
Now, finally, we use our sponge to apply the glow in the dark paint
Voila! Finished moon!
Finally we read the storybook

There is a section on the instructions for additonal reading
I was happy to see that we owned one of these books. 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box: quality, curation, and presentation. I am impressed with both the quality and presentation. I love that they have their own books included and the items that come are exclusive to this box. The activity book alone is really cool but the insert and the story book are pretty nifty to boot! I took a chance since Oliver is a little young for this box and went ahead with it. The meteor craft and game was a little beyond him but we both really enjoyed the moon craft. I really enjoyed how all the activities tied together the curation is very well thought out and I quite enjoyed the theme of this box. I think this is definitely an awesome option for anyone looking to get hands on with their little ones. It’s important to note though that as far as learning activities there is a definite lack of STEM and STEAM activities in the Koala Crate.
As far as box economy I have no idea what these items are worth individually and I’m not going to sit here tallying it all up because with a box like this you aren’t paying for “items” as much as you are paying for “experience” and we happy to think this is totally worth your $19.95

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