What’s Up Wednesday!?

Not a Whole Lot Going On in My World This Week

I did go to Belle’s School to Help do a Home Depot Workshop, so that was pretty fun!
If you don’t know about these they are free little wooden kits that you go to Home Depot and build for FREE on Saturdays.
 Lowe’s also hosts one called Build and Grow (we ALWAYS do these) because they are pretty much one of the coolest things ever! They have a schedule if you click above and are also free! Give them a look!

Freezer Meal Prepping?

This weekend I am going to a Meal Prep Party. I’m nervous, mostly because I can’t cook…. I got the recipe from I am THAT Lady (my hostess’ suggestions) who has a bevy of meal prep recipes. I am doing Thai Peanut Pork. It should be interesting. Basically you bring enough for everyone at the party to have a meal and everyone brings something different, so if there are 7 attendees you will leave with 7 different freezer meals… pretty legit right! Hell yeah!

Moving On

Not really listening to or watching anything new. Just tons of unboxings, as usual. I am particularly loving dollar store beauty hauls right now. Mostly because I love to see what different dollar stores have (they’re all different)
Here’s a somewhat recent one, and since I haven’t see this yet you can bet your ass I’m going to be watching this as soon as I finish this post!

What We’re Up To

Look for a post in the next few days involving Air Heads Crafts! What, what?! Yes, you heard that right!
This was ridiculously hard and messy to make.
Just another fun Smiley 360 mission!
So, that’s it for us this week? What are you guys up to? I’d love to know!
Also, I would love to know who your favorite unboxers are!?

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