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If you read the blog you know that Beauty DNA is one of my favorite beauty boxes mainly because it  is tailored to you. This is an awesome gift for a picky friend or makes a great beauty box for people with sensitivities and allergies. Subscriptions are $25 monthly.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside our November Beauty DNA Box
Our match this month is Babor Ant-Stress Fluid. I was so intrigued when I unboxed this – I’d never heard or saw anything like this before.

Okay, so now what?

So we open the box up and find this. There are five vials of the anti-stress fluid and two vials of the new skin fluid (the pinker vials at the far right)
This all looked very scientifical to me
Is it an oil or is it water? It looked a little bit more like an oil from this angle
These were a lot of fun to just toy around with.
But how do you open a little glass vial without violating a main artery
You put that little cap on and then just snap it
There it is, opened and ready for use. I will say that while this packaging is cool I don’t really know if it has a purpose. Couldn’t they just put it in a pump? 
The verdict on the consistency is somewhere between oil and water. It’s a little bit viscous but it doesn’t really leave a residue.
This is designed to treat dryness and redness and helps with dull skin and contains hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and panthenol.

Okay so my thoughts

I didn’t see immediate results. However now having had a few hours elapse I can now see that my skin seems a little less red (I tend to have super irriatable and fickle skin). I want to use this for a few weeks though before I say that I like it… I tend to use a product and have good results and over time it seems almost like it loses it’s effectiveness. I didn’t use the whole vial only about half so these will last for about ten uses. The new skin fluid (which I haven’t used yet) will be good for about four.

So in summary

It isn’t really fair to use our typical box weight system for a subscription service such as Beauty DNA. So much of this subscription relies on us telling Beauty DNA just what we want and what we like and don’t like. This month I feel like Beauty DNA did a good job of sending me an item that fits my requirements. I like that this improves dull skin and helps with inflammation as well. Bravo to Beauty DNA!
As far as box economy for the $25 this box costs this item is $38 so we absolutely get our monies worth!

Check out Beauty DNA for Yourself!

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