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24/7 Japanese Candy is a snack subscription unlike any other! What makes it so different you ask? Well, every item included is taste tested by the creators to ensure quality and delicousness! Another awesome aspect of this box is that if you fall deeply in love with a snack you can buy it in their online shop! Their are three subscription options The Munch $11.95 (1 lb) The Original (what we are reviewing today) $24.95 (2 lb) and The Supreme $34.95 (3 lb). The boxes can include candy, DIY candy kits, chocolates, gum, cookies, biscuits, chips, and corn puffs.
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the 24/7 Japanese Candy Box 

Everything that we received in the November 24/7 Japanese Candy Box. I love all the colors! This box was absolutely chock full of snacks and candies, most of which I had never heard of before.

So what is all this stuff?

As we’d hope with an exotic snack subscription we received detailed package inserts that tell us exactly what we’ve received in our November Box
Peanut Caramel Corn Puff
This packaging is so adorable! 
This was a box “Bonus”
To help taste test I employed the help of someone I know who LOVES candy.
He was sad because I only gave him one of these to start
These are totally unlike anything I’ve ever tried as far as the combination of the flavor with the shape and texture. Maybe I’m the only one, but there are snacks that as I eat them they taste better, maybe it’s the melding of the flavor. I’m not exactly sure but this is definitely one of those snacks.
It looks a little bit like a battered shrimp 
The actual flavor is a little different, almost creamy and like a Cracker Jack it had peanuts sprinkled throughout
Chocolate Rice Cake Pie
This was also a box “bonus” 
This was one of only three items that was not “Japanese” in origin in this box. 
These Rice Cakes are Korean.
They are coated in chocolate. This snack is a hybrid; a mixture of the Korean Choco Pie and Japanese Mochis’
I ripped this one in half so that you can see the jelly like center. These were really phenomenal. The center dissolves in your mouth and is so good. The flavors go very well together
Nazokuro Mystery Hard Candy
This packaging is amazing! Is American candy labeled this well and we are so used to seeing it we take it for granted? Or is there an absolute emphasis on the “fun” of candy in Japan? I’m not quite sure but this box felt like a party!
These candies were all black and the mystery is what will the flavor be? Cola is a really popular flavor it seems. I have to say while it doesn’t exactly taste like what I would call Cola it’s pretty good. There was also grape, tangerine, strawberry, and melon. 
Pucca Chocolate
I won’t lie. These are my favorite! I have had these before (one of only a couple items in this box that I had prior knowledge of) These just seem to be the perfect blend of crunch and light yummy chocolate-y
Once again we have the super fun packaging!
The actual crackers remind me of the Pac Man bad guys. 
The chocolate used in these is the most amazing part, it’s a whipped, airy, light, amazing, delicious, delightful chocolate. I could eat a million of these and just never get tired
Okashina Mizuame (DIY Candy Kit)
I had been dying to try one of these. I see these all over the internet so needless to say I was stoked that this was included!
They included a paper that translated all of the instructions since they were not in English on the package.
You get the tray, a stick to stir, and three flavored syrups to create your DIY Candy Kit
Blue syrup first and stir it around
Then you add the yellow and mix
There was a candy with this same consistency when I was a kid. I will tell you this much, this is the kind of candy you keep far, far away from the little kids. Oliver watched from AFAR
He just wanted to rub it all over the walls guys!
Finally, we add the pink syrup and stir it around
Despite the very syrupy consistency this tasted very good. You are supposed to guess the flavor that you created and while I can not entirely place it I can say that it’s very much a “berry” flavor
Milkita & Lychee Candies
These were box “bonuses”
There were two of each of these candies in the November 24/7 Japanese Candy Box.
I had, had Milkita before. This was one of the few non Japanese snacks included. Originally from Indonesia these strawberry snacks are milkshake flavored and mildly chewy.
The Lychee candy are very sweet and Lychee fruit flavored. I liked these a lot!
Crunky Crunch Cookie and Cream Chocolate Bar
I am not the hugest Cookies n Cream fan but I am a total fan of Chocolate bars coming in boxes. I’ve never seen something like that before
Once you take the bar from the box it is wrapped in foil much like many other chocolate bars
The texture and consistency is much like other Cookies n Cream type bars. The flavor, however is incredibly different. Firstly, it’s very buttery and rich and just a couple pieces is plenty. Second, the the “Cookie” part of this bar tastes EXACTLY like Cap n Crunch. I have no idea if they use Cap’n or what but there is an uncanny familiarity there
Ramune No Tane Soft Candy
This wins the award for most compelling packaging! I think this may be one of the coolest packages that I’ve ever seen!
I love that it is ziplocked to easily save it for later
You would think by the blue packaging this may be a mint or some sort of gum but it isn’t
The candy has two distinct textures. The first is the hard outside, imagine a gumball and it’s very much like that. Then the inside is chewy and somewhat tart and a bit fizzy as well. 
These were a hit with the girls. They LOVED these! Penny said, “We are definitely getting these again.” Well, I guess it’s settled then?
Petit Pastel
These are probably the strangest addition to the 24/7 Japanese Candy Box. I’m not sure if these are more chocolate or more cracker and they are so tiny. The packaging is adorable and I think these would be the perfect stocking stuffer just for their sheer novelty
This is just too stinkin’ cute
These are just little tiny things. Chocolate outside and a yummy cracker inside. And of course cute pastel colors to make them extra fun!
Choco Banana
Another amazingly presented chocolate snack! I think I was most excited to try these based on the cute little guys on the outside! This is a definite recommendation for anyone who loves banana flavors!
On the back of the package you can sneak a peak inside the bag at the individually wrapped candies.
All this color! There are two different kinds of these candies. The Banana Milk variety and the Chocolate Banana. 
There is a crispy cracker in the center of this soft banana flavored chocolate. This is my favorite of the two (although I enjoyed them both)
This is a crazy and complex flavor experience. My taste buds kind of got perplexed. There is the chocolate and then banana chocolate and then on the inside is this… marshmallow! It was insane and good and kind of way different… so many adjectives!
Pocky Chocolate Banana
Pocky is probably one of the most mainstream items in this box. I had still never heard of this flavor. This is another of the three items that was non Japanese. Pocky is originally from Thailand in case you were wondering
Hey! I can read it!
In case you guys forgot I had a helper. He totally approved of these. I was a little surprised, you would think that the stick would be banana flavored and the dipped part would be chocolate (or is that just me?) it’s the complete opposite in this instance. It may seem like a pattern the chocolate banana in the last snack and the chocolate banana pocky. Yet, the two are so different, this is a much milder approach to banana. I had trouble stopping myself with these. Definitely want to have these again soon!

Hokkaido Rich Butter Potato Chips
These potato chips are made from potatoes from Hokkaido
Another English label. Love the little cow, so cute!
Now the flavor. It says rich butter with a hint of garlic and salt. I would beg to differ though and say these are pretty much the equivalent of sour cream and onion chips. Pretty good and pretty familiar tasting.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Wow! On all accounts. This subscription sent a whole slew of high quality Japanese snacks and candies for us to try. Everything is super well presented. So cute, and adorable! Curation is excellent. It’s clear that they’ve taken their time and tried these all to ensure that you are only trying the best of the candies that they could find. I am amazed at the selection and variety. We received so much! I had only heard of 3 things in this entire box…. so I gained an insane amount of brand awareness from this as well. I think this box is perfect if you want to test Japanese candies or for gift giving. You can easily break one of these up and turn it into a bunch of stocking stuffers! I adored this box, the kids did as well. It was a pleasure to unbox and to test each individual snack. 
As far as box economy it’s hard to come up with a price for the entire box. Most of the items are available in the shop but some are in different portions and the packages we received don’t have sizes. But for the type of curation that we received, to go out and get all of these things ourselves we’d spend much, much more. So we think the price is more than fair.

And don’t forget!

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