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*products were received free for review

The Swatch Box is a new quarterly subscription that sends home decor and high end interior design items hand selected by a stylist to your door. Upon subscription you fill out a pretty simple style quiz and from there you are contacted by a stylist who goes into great detail – this is where you can send pictures and basically give them an idea of what you are shooting for with this box. Simply ship back whatever you don’t want with the prepaid postage. There is an $85 styling fee which can be applied to any purchases that you make from the box. There is also a 20% discount if you purchase everything you receive in your Swatch Box

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Swatch Box
In case you didn’t watch the unboxing and you couldn’t tell from the other photo this box was BIG I had no idea what was in there and simply could not wait to pop it open!
This is everything that we received in our Swatch Box. 
I realized that it is much harder to take decent photos on the “larger” scale and hope that the images I have taken reflect a lot of the items that were included beauty. Each Swatch Box contains approximately 6-12 because I received a sheet set mine had more like 23 so it was like a never ending box!

So what is all this stuff?

Feather Study # 5 Shadowbox
This feather image on Nepalese Handmade paper from Barloga Studios is dreamy! I love birds and so, I love this! The shadow box really brings out the distinct details of the image.
On the back we get a sheet with information about the paper the image is printed on and more information about Barloga Studios.
Grey Stripe Placemats
This set of four Jute placemats from Sobremesa is a really cool way to bring an Earthy eclectic vibe into your dining area. I would actually be scared to have these in my dining room though, with all the kids! That’s a very nice placemat for two year olds!
Oak Mug Coasters
These cool mug coasters from Sagaform come on a spindle so they can’t get knocked down as easily as others. 
The mottled colors of the wood are truly beautiful. 
White Porcelain Bound Platter
Wowee this is a fancy platter! I will be honest and say that I’m not in a station in life where I can own things like this and realistically use them. I hope to one day, as this is a stunning piece but I’m not there yet.
This platter is flat so this would make a great way to present hors d’oeuvres at your next gathering!
Slate Frame
Unfortunately, this 4 x 6 frame was broken when it arrived. The glass that holds the photo down was broken and I could hear it before I unwrapped it so I didn’t even take it out of the bubble wrap. 
The slate is gorgeous though and I absolutely adore the chevron pattern.
Lone Owl Lamp
This is by far my favorite addition to this box. I just love the brass owl and this very nostalgic light bulb. I didn’t even know bulbs like this existed. The lamp is a Luke Hobbs design. I love that the wood is in layers and I have to say this lamp is an incredible quality item. So beautifully crafted
The little brass owl, hoot hoot he’s cute! He is also the light’s “sensor” by touching the owl you turn one of the lights three dimmer settings.
The nifty nostalgic light bulb
Even the cord came uniquely wrapped. Everything about this lamp yelled one of a kind and unlike anything else
Terracotta Mixing Bowl
This terracotta bowl is also from Sobremesa. I love everything about this bowl! The color, the simple design, and the size all make this an ideal bowl to use for pretty table centerpieces.
A larger image of the side. This would also be a great bowl to serve salads.
A product of Peru
Spoon Rest
The spoon rest accompanies the large terracotta bowl in this beautiful leaf design. I can’t believe I didn’t know what this was in the unboxing video! We all have moments, however mine just usually happen during unboxings.
The spoon rest was also created in Peru
Silverplate Floating Glass Frame
I love the very simple elegance of this 4 x 6 photo frame by Eccolo
This frame doesn’t have a “flap” in the back like most other photo frames. This frame has a sort of kickstand that holds it up
Your photo is definitely the focus with a frame like this yet the design is still noteworthy
Matteo Los Angeles Linen Set
The price reflected above is for the ENTIRE set. Which in this instance is a King Duvet Cover in grey, two Queen sized pillow shams also in grey, one white King sized fitted sheet, one white King sized flat sheet, and two white King Pillowcases And I have to apologize to The Swatch Box because they came beautifully wrapped like in this photo and I could NOT get them to look this nice for their journey back!
This is an image of the duvet cover. I love this color I try to choose colors in my home that don’t just reflect my tastes but also my husbands. I always feel confused when women choose pinks and florals throughout their decorating. I like to choose things that my husband and myself can at the very least agree on. This sheet set is definitely very appealing to men and women
The whites were beautiful as well and I was impressed with the high quality of these linens.
It is much harder than it seems to take nice pictures of bedding. This picture is of one of the king sized pillowcases. From the information I could gather from their site these are 225 thread count linens.
Water Carafe with Glass
I absolutely adore the design of this water carafe! This is so easy to store and would make a perfect gift for someone who has their own office and likes unique design features
This is the carafe and glass stacked together.
This is also a Sagaform product. I love that the shape is tapered, I can totally see putting some orange juice in here for breakfast!
An image of the glass 
Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug
This is beautiful. The Dove Grey is a great accent color and the fabric is really soft and supple for a rug. This rug is four feet by six feet which makes it pretty big. I couldn’t really take a decent picture of it laid out like that so I opted for a picture of it folded in half
Revival Multi Stripe Throw
This is really cool and almost has a nautical feel to it. I said in the unboxing that this matched my sofa after closer inspection today this absolutely does NOT match my couch. 
The company that makes this throw Faribault makes many different woven items like scarves and hats, not just throws.
This is a really nice high quality throw and the primary colors make it stand out with out being over the top.
This was so soft and pretty. Not really something I would ever choose myself but I can definitely see the appeal with an item like this. 
The company that makes this throw Sunbrella makes so many different kinds of fabrics. Some even for marine use which I find rather interesting. The blend used in this particular throw seems to be some sort of chenille due to its very soft nature.
Crest 2 Bottle Opener
These bottle openers are cast in pure Brass to ensure they pass the test of time. The bottle openers in this box were cleverly attached to the strings on the throw which I thought was adorable. 
This particular bottle opener looks like an 18th century gate adornment. I just love it!
La Mancha Bottle Opener
This goat design is really interesting. If I had to guess I would say that this is iron. La Mancha (I read after googling) is actually a type of goat, go figure!
Handmade Teak Salt Cellar
This is really cool! I love the movement of the wood and the very glossy finish as well
The most amazing feature however, is the magnetic pivoting lid. This means you won’t have to go scouting for it (I do this all the time) when you misplace it, because it was there the whole time
Neutral Stripe Dishtowels
There were two of these included in The Swatch Box. Theseare very neutral earthy tones. I’m sure my husband would certainly appeciate these. The colors are muted and understated which is a different approach. Usually kitchen towels are where you add big color (at least for me) because if you change your mind and chicken out it’s an easy switch out
Copper Stripe Woven Napkins
I love these! They are super simple but the striping just makes them seem so regal and important. If you watched the unboxing I also mentioned that these (there was a set of 4) would match some art glass that my Grandmother just sent to me.
Doesn’t it work perfectly together?

So in summary?

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Swatch Box is the LARGEST box that I have ever received. Considering there were so many items in this box and there was only one item that was damaged in transport I would say that the presentation is great. Everything is high end, beautiful and I think that this is a great option if you are looking to “upgrade” your space so quality is excellent. Curation is also excellent, everything is beautiful and works together, there wasn’t anything in this box that I didn’t like. The fact that you work with your stylist for this subscription box is also reassuring. I like that this is a quarterly subscription, if we were to receive this monthly it may get a little pricey. Quarterly is a great frequency for The Swatch Box. All in all we really enjoyed this box and thought it was a total one of a kind!

There isn’t really a “box economy” for The Swatch Box since we only commit to paying a styling fee. If we choose to buy something it’s simply deducted from our styling fee!

Check out The Swatch Box For Yourself

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