What’s Up Wednesday

So, not a whole lot going on, did the meal prep party thing. Totally went in blind, and didn’t bring any instruments like measuring cups etc. so I felt like a total newb the whole time borrowing everyone else’s. To top it Viv decided she needed to scream a lot while we were there. 

I got the recipe for these Slow Cooker Cranberry Porkchops Here
and made my recipe first (in case it was also and I needed to tell the other partygoers)
It was really good! The meat was unreal tender! I was surprised I actually picked something that turned out good. And I get to do it all over again next month!

I Have Been on an Organization Mission

I’m not complaining or anything but I have a lot of stuff, and in order to know and understand what you have, you have to be organized my drawers were not organized, at all before this week. I went to the Dollar Tree and (started – there’s a long way to go) to change that.
Okay, so this drawer still isn’t organized. I used this so you guys had an idea of what the other drawers looked like before
My skincare drawer looking all organized 
And my makeup as well. If you look you’ll see I have eyes on the left and lips in the center and then powders and foundations on the right. I’m pretty happy with this set up.

And I’ve also been trying to organize my life so that I can better utilize my time…

I came up with this idea for a sort of planner notebook but all inclusive. Meaning all aspects of my life would be included. How will I manage to keep up with it you ask? Well, I’ll make sections for each part I want to focus on and write down ideas that I want to do for that subject (ie gardening) that week and then each Sunday go through and date each section to stay on top of it. I would like for this to work because It would reduce my amount of notebooks by like… oh 50
A picture of it, with the Clothespins from The Crafty Mail
The mostly bare “Blog” section

Enjoying Fall

Pennsylvania has a pretty legit foliage game in case you were wondering. 
It’s starting to get dark but a few weeks ago it was intensely colored
As they say on the internet… “no filter”
And Mr. I’m Not a Tree enjoying his lunch break trespassing – trying to find a path to a house he saw in the woods
I, of course am driving the getaway car

What am I Listening To?

I busted out some old school Tori Amos this evening. 
So that’s about it for us this week! What are you guys up to? Any cool projects on your horizon? I would love to hear about them! Talk to me in the comments!

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