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*product was received free for review

The Crafty Kid box is a monthly children’s subscription box that sends 3-4 fun crafts for you and your kiddo to do together. With classrooms around the country cutting back on programs that promote creative thinking The Crafty Kid Box is aiming at filling the void that may be being left by our educational system. There is always at least one educational activity and one quiet activity. Subscriptions start at $30 a month
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Crafty Kid Box
Everything that we received in our Crafty Kid Box.
The kids were really excited because, as you can see there is candy in this box. 

So what is all this stuff?

If you watched the unboxing I thought there were only three crafts, there were, however four! We received detailed instructions for all.
A red, black, blue, and green sharpie
Cookie Cutters
A circle and square cookie cutter
White Glue
Two containers of white glue
Borax (There was more than this, the first picture I took came out terribly so I took this after we used some) 
White Dishes
There were two plain white dishes included in the box
(Bet you can’t guess what we’re going to be doing with these!)
Ivory Soap
Two bars of Ivory Soap
A box of toothpicks. At this point I was getting really curious about all the crafts that we were going to be doing!
Gum Drops
You know how you win over a kid? Add candy! They’ll sign anything you ask, at least my kids will. My kids were ready to sign us up for a twenty year subscription just seeing a bag of gum drops in there!

So now what?

So, we got to work on our crafts! There were four activities included in The Crafty Kid Box; Soap Clouds, Homemade Flubber, Kid China, and a Fall Builder. I had done the Flubber before so I decided to do that one first since I was most comfortable with it. 
You simply add cold water to the glue (optional food coloring – although we added glitter)
Then warm water to the Borax, in separate bowls
Can you see the glitter?
Just as a note, if you do try this at home this is absolutely NOT edible and little ones should be supervised around this. 
We mix both mixtures together and this is our end result!
What a fun project! Remember Gak? This is EXACTLY the same!
The next activity we sunk our teeth into was the Kid China activity. 
If you couldn’t tell from our photos above the kids get to draw on the plates for this one!
I didn’t even know this was something you could do, all you need are permanent markers, plain dishes, and an oven!
I just let them have at it. I try not to get involved too much when they are getting creative.
She very much looks up to her older sister. So, their plates look oddly “similar”
Penelope’s Plate…. 
Our finished products coming out of the oven! 
An important note: The color yellow if used, turns orange in the oven. Why it wasn’t included in The Crafty Kid Box
I decided a good “intermission” would be the Fall Builder activity as that seemed a little more low key and mellow. All this activity required was the Gum Drops and the toothpicks and a little bit of creativity! Just use the toothpicks and gum drops to build freely.
I will be honest and say that I really thought this activity would just be an excuse for my kids to eat a bag of gum drops.
And for this guy it certainly was…
But the girls had such a blast doing this! Penelope particularly was really very proud of all the things that she created.
I love this picture! 
The house that she made. There was no prompting either, she just made it without any provocation.
And we can’t forget Belle, she did a great job as well!
She made the people that live in the house!

I love the simplicity of the crafts included in this box. Nothing feels outside of my grasp as a parent – which can be overwhelming when we are doing crafts with our children.

Our final activity in the Crafty Kid Box was the Soap Clouds Activity
Our first step for this activity is putting a bar of soap (on wax or parchment paper) in the microwave! (UM FUN!)
I had never heard of this before. The only thing I knew that did this was marshmallows. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect
This is at 10 seconds 
Eh 30 (ish) seconds
This is about a minute and a half. I stopped it after this. It looks like some sort of deep sea creature! This was so crazy to the kids and myself.
And there we have our clouds! 
(But we aren’t done yet)
We put it in a bowl and break it up into little flakes.
Then add a little water so we can get it to a pie crust “like” consistency
And then, you guessed it cut it into fun shapes! I love this idea! I am going to do this with all the kids soap from now on!
Think of all the possibilities! Seasonal soap and just all sorts of fun shapes and sizes!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crafty Kid Box is an awesome box! I love the curation of activities that was included in the box that we received. The kids were so happy to do these projects and the simplicity is unrivaled. There is an attention to detail and focus on the learning and creative process that I love! Typically in boxes like this there is one central project but with the Crafty Kid Box we receive four which is so cool! I also really like that these are projects you don’t have to oversee every single step of. With the fall builder we just kind of let them do their own thing and see what happens and I can absolutely appreciate that! Everything came well packaged and exactly as it should have so presentation and quality are good as well.
Our typical price breakdown doesn’t really work with a box like The Crafty Kid Box because we aren’t paying for items as much as we are paying for an experience and for $30 monthly we feel that this box is absolutely worth it!
Use code HALF to receive half off your first months box when you purchase a 6 month or more subscription

Check out The Crafty Kid for Yourself

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