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*product received free for review

yureka is a book subscription service that matches customers’ interests with books we know you’ll enjoy. Each customer receives a unique box tailored to her reading profile–no box is the same! yureka also donates a portion of its profits to local libraries. Subscriptions are available internationally, with additional shipping fee. Earning a discount is easy at yureka; you’ll receive a unique referral code, so you and each of your friends will both receive 10% off next month’s subscription. Refer five friends, and you’ll get a free month! 
At yureka, you can choose between three different subscriptions:
$15/month: 2 paperbacks
$25/month: 3 paperbacks OR 1 hardcover and 1 paperback (what we received this month)
$35/month: 4 paperbacks OR 1 hardcover and 2 paperbacks
Use Code ASHELI and receive 15% off your first month

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the yureka books subscription box
Everything is so cute! I love the bookplates and bookmark as well, it’s little things like this that really make a box come to life!
The books were wrapped individually and had the cutest washi tape on them!
Everything that I received in my yureka books subscription box
So, when  you sign up for yureka you take a little quiz that asks you about your reading tastes. My own tastes fall into the classics and contemporary fiction genres- which should give you a little insight into my selections.

So what is all this stuff?

This 1913 novel by D. H. Lawrence was included because I had stated that I liked classics.  If I was pressed to choose a genre I enjoy the most it’s classics by far! I was a little afraid I would get books I had read but I have not read this book before. And now after looking at the wikipedia article for it I am really excited to read it!

Suellen Dainty
After Everything

This novel is touted as being Under the Tuscan Sun -esque which is cool because I really like that style. Somewhere between love story and character study with scenic backgrounds. The main character’s name is Penny which is going to take some getting used to since that is my oldest daughter’s name – she’s a divorcee – the character in the book, not my daughter. Either way I’m thinking this is going to be the page turner of the two books that I received in this month’s yureka books subscription box.

So in Summary

In lieu of our normal breakdown I feel it’s important to go over this subscription service in a different manner. A subscription like yureka books is all about amazing curation. I feel like I got two great book choices that I may have never chosen myself. I really like that this is a book service that is tailored to you, as that is one of a kind and I’ve never seen it done before. I was a little skeptical before I received the books because I’ve read a lot of books and thought either I wouldn’t be interested (that’s my biggest hurdle – getting into a book), or that I’d already read it. I was delighted with the my selection and am excited to sink my teeth into the pages of these books!
And remember use code ASHELI for 15% off  your first month 

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