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Happy Thanksgiving


That’s just our turkey – prepping to be brined. My husband is doing all that. Not me. No way.
Hope you all have fabulous plans! We are having my Mom and Stepdad over for our first Thanksgiving in our new house!!!!
We kind of have a bunch of odds and ends going on right now since it’s Thanksgiving time… not quite Christmastime yet… you need to start preparing.
My kids use ALL of any body wash we give them so I tried this trick I saw somewhere on the internet. I would link to it but it was so long ago that I have no clue  where to link to.
All you do is put a rubber band around the pump – that’s the key by the way. Do not get those pour out bottles… so very wasteful.
Ahh… this is a bad picture but how about that drawn on mustache?
So we went to Target and did a little looking around for Christmas ideas. 
Just me and the girls.
We’ve already had them make very conservative lists but I decided it would be fun to just go and look at all the insane toys that are available
Light Designer
Because Lite Brites just weren’t good enough
I wish I could more closely manage items like this in my house. Unfortunately, what winds up happening is that it gets smashed into the carpet
Belle’s top choices (from one aisle of course)
A spa set…. BARF
Penny’s faves. Love the periodic table of Minecraft. 
As you can see I have two very different little girls on my hands
Little dolls that will ultimately get lost
Targets version of Calico Critters
I will not purchase Monster High.. sorry girls!
Zoomer’s are hot right now
Belle’s American Girl doll now needs a sister, a brother, and a scooter?!
For Oliver!

For Me!

So yeah, there’s that. With four kids it’s just this barrage of requests around Christmastime. It’s constant and incessant.
Other than that we tried the ombre nail look as per this video
I love her huge bottle of topcoat!
Here are our final results… they were OK.
It wasn’t very hard just takes the knack of getting used to.
Also, little girl nails need only two colors – simply because they are so small
We baked some cookies together because, ’tis the season!
Finally using Belle’s Crazknit she received for her birthday –  she pested me all dang day for this. I finally caved when Oliver was napping.

Not much else going on over here.

I’ll leave you with a song that has been stuck in my head. Hopefully I can get it stuck in yours as well….

Happy Thanksgiving! May your heart and belly be full

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