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Montecito Cosmetics is an up and coming Bath, Body & Cosmetic company in the US (with a French Flair) I tried a few of their products recently and wanted to share with you guys!
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I Made and Unboxing Too!

Show me the Goodies!

Shine Gel by La Pin’Up Montecito
This product is packaged so cute! I just adore the box and jar that it comes in!
It’s very fun to open up and would make an excellent gift!
This shine gel is super luxurious. It’s satiny and smells so beautiful. It’s a perfume type scent that I can exactly place but I love it!
It goes on like a gel and quickly dries leaving behind a beautiful “gold dust” type residue. 
I slathered it all over myself for Thanksgiving and I will absolutely be doing the same for Christmas (and New Years!)
This oil strengthens nails, hair, hands, eyelashes, and eyebrows. I don’t have a problem with my brows being patchy (although this is an awesome option for women with that problem) I do however, have eyelashes that no longer come in as full. I don’t know if that’s common as you get older or if it’s just me but I find it highly unpleasant.
I was surprised by the consistency. It was a lot thicker than I had imagined which I like because it makes it a lot less messy. It had no scent and while I’ve been using it a few days it’s a little too soon to tell if it’s working yet! I do like what it has done to my nails and cuticles though. I want to use the word “even” the color and overall look of my nail is more even. 
Rose Dead Sea Bath Salts
My very favorite item I received! I love these. I take baths to help me fall asleep so having some nice scented bath salts around is essential. These are Rose scented but there’s a hint of something else that I can’t seem to place. They are really fragrant though which is why I love them so much! And again that packaging! How cool is it!?
I do also love the size of these bath salts. They are much larger than any other that I’ve ever used. 
And this I just love! For a swim in a bath!

How Cute!

I really loved all of these bath items and while their cosmetics haven’t been released yet I can’t wait to see what they come up with !
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