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Monica Potter Home is a line of body care and home products created by Monica Potter
(best known for her role as Christina Braverman on Parenthood). The products are natural and locally crafted and were created in part due to the need for more sustainable products at a more affordable price. There’s also “Seasons In a Box” which is a curated selection of seasonal items delivered in a vintage barn box which looks absolutely divine! 

So, I had the extremely fortunate opportunity of reviewing a few of the Monica Potter Home products!
Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Goodies
My first glimpse inside the box I received from Monica Potter Home
The bag of goodies that was inside!
All the fantastic products that I received in my Monica Potter Home Bag!
Love the logo of these products and how it’s stamped, even on the bag. 
The natural earthy colors of the packaging mixed with the bright blues makes this feel really natural yet fun and contemporary. 

So what is all this stuff?

This is amazing! I thought it was a bit minty but it’s actually white musk, jasmine and a bit of Bergamot. This is great because not only does it make your room smell great it’s also a really nice way to set the stage for all your festive occasions.
Love the size of the canister as well. The skinny style means I can tuck it in a bag and bring it in the car or even tuck it away and out of view when company comes over.
There are a number of different lip balm flavors available. Cranberry, Gingersnap, Coconut, Spearmint, Strawberry, and Vanilla. We received the Spearmint which is cool and refreshing. I am surprised to see that there’s a Gingersnap flavor! 
The formula is really nice. It’s velvety and long lasting. Love the oval tube as well!
Lemon, Orange, and Rich Neroli round out this revitalizing Massage Oil. I love getting these for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I totally buy into that whole infant massage movement. I always massage Viv’s legs after a bath. Secondly, I can convince (much more easily) my husband to give me a massage!
Monica Potter loves Lavender Essential Oil. Subsequently, it’s a recurring fragrance in her products. I love this mist. You can use this on your body, hair and even linens! This product is free of harsh chemicals so you can feel comfortable applying directly to your skin. I always find that Lavender removes odors from the air – I really like to use them as room sprays
I had to look up what Sea Buckthorn is, an oil that is rich in not only fatty acids but also beta carotine and lycopene. It also may be anticarcinogenic
I love the vivid color of this. The formula is rich and nourishing like a body butter. I would suggest putting this on burns and scratches or any tender areas of your skin. The scent is like a licorice allsort candy. Very different! This should be refrigerated as soon as you receive it
My absolute favorite item that I received! This tub of rich and creamy whipped soap is luxurious. I couldn’t even wait – I used it right away!
It’s just so moisture rich and fancy. I love, love this! It left my skin feeling soft and supple but not oily.
I couldn’t find the “Crimson” scent on the website so either that isn’t the name or it isn’t on there. This scent is by far, the best smelling item I have ever received. It’s a light perfumed scent, kinda powdery, kinda floraly. It’s really very lovely I just can’t tell you exactly what the actual scent is!
We received the Sugar Cookie scent which is phenomenal. This was so packed with fragrance I could smell the rich notes when I opened the box. But there’s also Apple, Maple Pecan, Sweet Pumpkin, Frosted Pinecone, Sparkling Snowflake scents to choose from
I haven’t had a chance to burn this yet but this is the perfect scent for the holidays. Now, I can pretend I’m baking everyday in December!
I really like the scent of this lotion. I would say that the Lavender takes a backseat to some of the more herbal smelling notes in this lotion. It’s very warm and calming, it is great for just before bed!
The formula is really creamy and thick. It is an extremely high quality lotion. It also comes in a lemon lime scent (which opposingly would be great for your morning routine.)

So in summary

We love Monica Potter Home! Not only are these products natural, locally sourced and sustainably made, they’re fabulous! The packaging is beautiful and everything is high end and a delight to the senses. The scents and seasonal varieties keep it fresh and turn same old scents into experiences. As far as Monica Potter, this seems like a natural next step for her. She easily fills the role of someone you’d turn to for some product recommendations! But we love her mostly because she is a riot!

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