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Dried & True Beef Jerky is a monthly beef jerky subscription that sends artisanal handmade beef jerky that is all natural, gluten free and minimally processed. Subscription prices start at $39 a month but you get a month free. All you have to do to get your free jerky from Dried & True is go and sign up for the email list, you’ll get an email about the free jerky and all you have to pay is shipping! (that’s what I did)

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside
Here is everything that we received in the Dried & True Sampler Pack.
There were 2 ounces of each of these four flavors

So what is all this stuff?

This is the original beef jerky. It was a softer jerky with a really sweet taste to it. I think what you taste most is a maple flavor. I like their blend – most craft jerky makers have a “house” seasoning blend and Dried & True’s is pretty delish!
The peppered beef jerky was the “toughest” or “chewiest” of the jerkys. I actually really prefer ripping the jerky apart with my teeth. There’s something about it! As far as the peppered, this is minimally so.,they are mild with the pepper. If you prefer heavily peppered this probably isn’t the best option for you. I did like this though. 
My absolute favorite jerky included with this sampler. This bright and spicy jerky is right in the middle of soft and chewy and definitely has a good amount of kick to it. I love the citrus notes!
This is Mr. I’m not a Tree’s very favorite. The Spicy Teriyaki is sweet and tangy just like teriyaki should be. There is a little but of a spicy kick and as far as the texture it’s a pretty soft meat.
The coolest part (and I’m not sure that you can quite see it) is that the sugar crystalized so it glittered which was pretty cool!

So in summary

Because this is so “niche” we can’t do our typical box breakdown. We can however say that the quality of the Dried & True Subscription is fantastic and that all the jerkys were very good. It’s a little pricey but if you are trying to find a minimally processed jerky that is organic and gluten free, this is an awesome option for you! 

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