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*product was received free for review

Grrl Box is a new monthly subscription box that sends “time of the month” products. Like a PMS Fairy… but better. Each box centers around a theme and has at least 6 products half of which are full sized. I was really excited about this one because I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Other than being asked a panty size, what type of feminine hygiene products I preferred, and dark or milk chocolate this box was pretty much a mystery to me! 
Subscriptions start at $35 but use coupon 10OFF3 and you’ll get $10 off any 3 month (or longer) subscription
Also, got PMS? Need a judge free zone? Feeling alone? Check out the Grrl Box interactive facebook group !
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside Grrl Box
The focus of Grrl Box is less on packaging and more on quality of content which I can get behind. I still think it comes pretty cutely packaged!
Everything that we received in the Grrl Box Launch Box!
What an amazing assortment! I love the “Grrl’s Night In” Theme! 

So what is all this stuff?

You need to go check their site out. First off, the names that they give their items are AWESOME! There’s some Krampus Poop Lip Balm which I kind of feel like I need to have in my life and tons of other hilarious names. Secondly, these guys are honest about their soap process! Love it – made with lard because that’s just their preferred way and if you read in their “Soap Scraps” section they explain the soap making process and how sometimes unintentionally we misunderstand how “natural” our soaps are.
This soap was made Exclusively for Grrl Box
I love when limited items like this are included in boxes!
The scent of this I would describe as being an “Amber Musk” although I’m not entirely sure I’m correct in that. It smells good which is what matters most. I also think it’s really cool looking. Looks a lot like ying yangs!
Twelve pack of always radiant Flex Foam. I like this bright packaging. I’ve never even seen these before! You choose upon subscribing whether you want tampons or pads
These cute undies are not only comfy but they are in one of my favorite colors (OK shades) Grey!
Love the scalloped edges – cute little detail for a simple panty style
I love Toffee so this was pretty much gone as soon as I had taken the pictures. The wrapper has a love poem inside which is so sweet!
The nutritional facts (which only serve as a reminder that I had all three servings at once) 
I. Regret. Nothing.
The Lord Byron Love Poem inside the wrapper 
The chocolate was divine! The toffee was buttery, the chocolate was creamy, and the pieces of almonds were plentiful. It was a great treat!
What a great addition! I love salt water taffy and it’s not something you come across often, particularly in the winter months. 
I will admit this is almost gone already, it was delicious! All the flavors are so much fun!
Not sure if you can actually buy these or they were made exclusively for this box. They definitely remind us to keep a sense of humor about things!
Love and Hate relationship seems really very apt as well, I’m stumped as to who I’m going to send these to. I may have to time it just right!
Check out the Dear Uterus Blog for essays and musings on your period and time of the month troubles
I scoured the internet to find another one of these and couldn’t so I’m not sure of the price. This is my favorite thing in this box, I just love this! If you know me, you know that I love small businesses and I try to support as much as possible. This tote is designed by Steven Alan for Small Business Saturday 2015 and is another item that seems pretty limited and exclusive. 
This bag has such a vintage “brown bag” feel to it, very hip and simple
This artisanal popcorn has a trio of cheese flavors. Asiago, Parmesan and Cheddar comprise this tasty (and healthy snack). All organic, the 479 popcorn is given it’s name because the creator found that 479 degrees fahrenheit was the optimal temperature to cook popcorn
Dress up that healthy popcorn in a super cool popcorn bag and open the red envelope!
Two Red Box Rentals, to make your Grrls Night In just right! 
I really like that they didn’t just send a movie – which is the easier option. This way we get to pick and I think that is awesome!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Grrl Box is an awesome mix of all three. We know they have scaled down packaging but it’s still pretty cute! Everything is super nice and arrives just as it should! So quality is exceptional. And curation, the theme – the really niche exclusive items… I LOVE this box! We love also that we got a good mix of sweet / salt for all those hormonal cravings! This was a really fun box and definitely is a great way to put a smile on your face at a time of the month when you just kind of want to lie in bed all day. 
As far as box economy I couldn’t really get an accurate price for a number of these items. I do know that a lot of these items are limited in nature and are hard to find. So, the price that we’re paying is definitely worth it, I enjoyed this box so much and think this is one to just go right ahead and subscribe to!

Check Out Grrl Box Here

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