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Pure Box is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends indie, handcrafted, organic, and natural beauty to your door every month. Curated with care and love subscriptions are $39 monthly. I was really excited for this! The December box has a $95 value!
And as a special holiday bonus for my readers if you use code PURETREE you’ll receive $10 off your purchase of a monthly subscription! 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside was a bit like box-ception. It was a box within a box!
Our first glimpse inside the December Pure Box
Everything is wrapped up individually and it’s all red. Very much like a Christmas gift!
Here is everything that we received in the December Pure Box!
I have never heard of any of these brands which is absolutely exciting!
I always wonder if there’s a holy grail product in there that I just don’t know about yet. 

So what is all this stuff?

Bloom Polish 
This gentle everyday brightening Polish buffs away impurities and dead skin. You can choose  whether you’d like the polish for dry, oily, or combination skin. We received combination skin
In a light powder form this polish is mixed with water and used like a scrub (or a mask if you’d like) 
The combination skin formula contains soothing, calming, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. The scent is a bit herbally which I believe is the Coriander
As an alternative you can sub the water for Bloom’s Glow 
(which leads me to)
You can start by using this as a makeup remover and as a way to moisturize your skin by applying at the end of your shower
But possibly the best way to use Glow is to add it to Polish for a fabulous facial cleanse
It’s a lot thicker than you’d imagine and it has a slightly woody and very lightly citrus-y  scent.
The directions say to put a scoop of the Polish in your hand and mix with a few drops of Glow (or water). Unfortunately since this was in my hand – once the oil was in there taking a photo was kind of out of the question.
Here is a picture of me wearing it! 
Afterwards my skin felt not only exfoliated but also moisturized because of the combination of the two products. I really like both of these individually but I love them very much together!
Herbivore Sea Mist Salt Hair Spray
 This sample is a great way to discover a new product and (as you guys know I love sea salt sprays) this one is fabulous! Gave my hair excellent texture and weight. And I fell in love with the scent
Made with Pacific Ocean Saltwater. This is Coconut scented with hints of Vanilla and Lime. There is also a Lavender scent as well. I like that they kept with the beachy theme and sent us Coconut though

Herbivore Rose Hydrating Spray

Herbivore has tons of amazing product that I would love to try. Love the minimalist packaging and the all natural products! This Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist is the first time in my whole life I have had a product that smelled like Rose the FLOWER and not Rose the scent that was created to smell a little bit like the flower. I applied this after the Bloom products and the scent was shocking to me! In a good way of course.

This spray is made with pure plant actives and absolutely no fillers. With a Coconut Water Base infused with Hibiscus Flower Petals to boost our youthfulness and Rose to enhance moisture and soften all skin types.
Hand Painted Ornament

Love this gold hand painted ornament! So pretty and goes perfectly with my Red & Gold themed tree this year

Lily Lolo Pressed Eye Shadow

This UK based cosmetics company sells mineral cosmetics. I love the little box that the eyeshadow came in, it’s really striking!

Love the little eyeshadow pot! I also think the inside of the box is pretty fancy schmancy as well!

When we open up the pot we find a tiny compact – which we think is adorable. The color (in Peekaboo) is a sort of warm Lavender Taupe and it’s a beautiful shade

The formula is amazing! There is minimal fallout and as it has Jojoba Oil to moisturize it is very mild. It’s highly pigmented and I really love the color that I received! Important little side note, there is Sea Holly in this eyeshadow to help combat the signs of aging!

Axiology Lipstick Sample

This cruelty free lipstick sample in the color Theory comes in a small pot
This company creates Earth based tones that can be worn by all skin types

I suggest using a brush to apply. The color is almost the color of African Clay. I’m pretty sure it’s what the model in the photo is wearing and it looks PERFECT on her

Here it is swatched on my arm. It goes on beautifully and has a good oil base to keep it in place. I love the pigmentation, this is just one good swipe of it. When I first saw the color I wasn’t sure that it would look very good on me – surprisingly though, it worked!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Pure Box  gives us an excellent perspective into the world of natural and independent beauty products. Typically, at least in my own history you have to hear about a company from someone and sort of test the waters to see if it’s worth it and it can get costly! I really like that this box has a curated selection – they’ve already done the guesswork and found us some fabulous brands to try and if you find something you love you can just buy it from their website! It’s an excellent way to get your feet wet in this vein of the beauty industry and for that the curation is amazing! The quality is excellent, everything is top shelf and very high quality. We are very impressed with every product that we received. As far as presentation everything is perfect! And the little ornament for the holidays is an absolutely adorable touch! I couldn’t be more pleased with this box, I had really high expectations and it lived up to all of them!
As far as box economy The Pure Box  is $39.99 and just in the products we could estimate a price on alone we received $80.54 in products! That’s double the amount of the box and we don’t have a price for the ornament and the three samples! This box has an excellent value in addition to it’s many other attributes
Don’t forget use code PURETREE for $10 off your monthly subscription purchase!

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