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Saffron Soaps is a monthly soap subscription box that sends you a supply of body care bliss each month. They have a number of options so no one has to be left out. Subscriptions begin at $13.99 for a box with two bars $19.99 for three bars and $29.99 for 5 bars. Each box will have the occasional “bonus” item like a scrubber or soap dish. There is a small shipping fee of $2.99
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Saffron Soap Box
Before I see it, I smell it… it was pretty amazing
Here is everything that we received in our Saffron Soap Box
Love the packaging! And just to be clear this is the $13.99 “Essentials” Box so this is everything you would get for $13.99!!!!

So what is all this stuff?

Love the packaging of the Saffron Soaps. The little square boxes are tops! 
Even the inside is decked out in all sorts of clean lingo!
This dead sea mud soap is handcrafted and organic. It helps with Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema
This is the featured soap of the month and is a combination of two soaps – a Sea Salt Soap and a Dead Sea Mud Soap. The salt side helps exfoliate and rid the pores of deeply embedded toxins and the mud in the bottom portion is used to infuse vitamin enriched minerals into the skin

This soap helps with dry and irritated skin. This is the soap that you could smell when you opened the box. It’s the scent of the almond and it is absolutely fabulous
I actually replaced my fall pumpkin soaps in my guest bathroom with this one. I need to be able to share this scent with the world
Washing your hands with this is really nice because it has a really nourishing formula. The lather is really nice too, I like when I can get a good bit of suds going and I definitely get that with this soap.
I know this is a box extra but this gave the box an edge, It lent it a feeling of classiness almost. This is a really cool soap tray and when you have really pretty soaps you kind of NEED to have a nice way to display them so we love that this was included!

So in summary

We love the Saffron Soaps subscription box. We love the surprise of a different type of healing soap each month. The packaging is excellent. There’s an emphasis here on the aesthetics and we really love to see that. Part of the reason soaps are so popular is that they almost become focal pieces in our bathrooms, I know they are for me at least! And these bars are not only nourishing and great for the shower but they are “guest” worthy. The types of soaps you want to show off and share. So they have made us swoon and won us over! We also really dig that there’s more than one subscription price, this way if you only need a couple bars of soap you don’t need to pay for anything more! I would love to see what’s in the future for Saffron Soaps as well, will there be customization? It almost seems like a natural next step since they have a very varied selection that they’d offer customization down the line!
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