What’s Up Wednesday!?

She’s Back!
Our Elf Cookie is hiding all around the house these days!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. All has been quiet for me. I had a quiet and peaceful Black Friday. I went shopping alone (well Viv and I) and did a large portion of our shopping. Almost done with the kids and Mr. I’m not a tree.

Week has been quiet, just taking a lot of hot baths with my Bath Salts and Sookie Stackhouse book!
Other than that we did a little gingerbread craft – we all decorated one and then strung them all up on a garland I have that looks like candy!
Can you guess which one is mine? How about Olivers?
There’s only one other thing I wanted to bring up (other than the Whine About It video)
My grandmother sent me glassware about a month and a half ago. 
When it arrived there were like five or six pieces broke. No problem though, she got insurance….
This process is dogged. They are bullying and intentionally trying to drag this out. I find that to be a nasty business practice and wanted to share with you guys. Unless you really need to go that route… don’t bother with those turkeys. I feel like they took advantage of my grandmother who has asked me three different times for the same pictures because they need them (again) 
I think their hope is that I throw something away. Which I won’t but if I did they could say, “oh well can’t prove NOTHIN’!” 
Anyway, done ranting! Sorry guys! I just don’t like when big companies like this take advantage of people because of the sheer volume of business that they get. We are all still customers.
And finally (no I won’t post Christmas Music TODAY)

Have a great week guys! See you next Wednesday!

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