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*product was received free for review

Tinselbox is a holiday subscription box. Items vary with each holiday and each month and season. Stemming from a gift the co-founder received and her love of having whimsical items around her home the passion for the Tinselbox was born. There are two subscriptions the original Tinselbox for $19.99 monthly and the Tinselbox XL for $39.99

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse is of a box inside a box. It’s breakin’ ma brain!
We look inside to find some white and gold tissue and we are soooooo excited!
Here is everything that we received in the December Tinselbox
I can’t even take all this cuteness guys! I’m going to explode! It honestly felt like I opened a box of Christmas decorations I had packed away! It’s so festive!

So what is all this stuff?

We received the Original Tinselbox and these are the box inserts
Swedish Tomte
This holiday gnome is a Swedish tradition. He’s a mischievous domestic sprite responsible for the protection and welfare of your farmstead. This Swedish gnome delivers gifts at the door of many families with the help of his pig. 
If treated well Tomtes protect the family and animals from misfortune and may also aid in chores. If though, if you mistreat your tomte (most people leave a bowl of porridge with butter on Christmas Eve) he is known to be short tempered and will play tricks on the people living in the home!
I think this little guy is just adorable and so tiny! I can’t wait to explain the porridge to the kids and let them hang him from the tree. If you received the XL Tinselbox you received a set of three tomtes!
Deck Yourself Christmas Card
This bear doesn’t fool me! This adorable card features a bear dressed up as a Christmas Tree and the clever and cute caption, ” Deck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”
And it’s blank inside so you can write warm greetings to your friends and family!
Photo Garland
I was MOST excited about this because you can turn this into a fun family project!
This pom-pom garland is a fresh approach to holiday decorating and features colorful felt balls on twine
There’s 12 feet included (which is a lot more than it sounds)
There’s also these cutie little pins to hang your photos (or Christmas cards) from
I gathered some recent family photos together and we strung them from our garland
You can hang these on your mantle or if you have a two year old like me….
High above your mantle! 
The kids and I had fun doing this and we have a cool, seasonal, focal point in the living area

Here are the other things that were included in the XL Tinselbox

Gingerbread Sachet
Full set of (3) Tomtes
Gift Tags
String of Lights

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Tinselbox is a fun and colorful collection of items. This is the kind of box that makes the recipients smile! The presentation is excellent as this feels like a parcel that we’ve received extra special. Everything comes exactly as it should. Quality is exquisite, everything has a handmade feel but is durable, long lasting, and beautiful. As far as curation this is just the sweetest little box and I am so ecstatic that I got to share it with you guys! What a great way to commemorate each holiday and season with a subscription box!
As far as box economy I could not find prices on most of the items included but at a mere $19.99 monthly and valued at $30I think the Tinselbox is an awesome way to spread holiday cheer!

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