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*product was received free for review

Oral Care 365 is a brand new toothbrush subscription. This is an awesome way to never forget to replace your brush! There’s plenty of different design and brush styles, including children’s. Each brush is $2
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Everything that I received in the Oral Care 365 subscription box
Lots of pretty purple in there!
I received four brushes total. One of which (the black and purple) I picked

Let’s Look Closer

Black & Purple
I believe they call this the Licorice. I LOVE this one! It reminds me of a vampire. This is definitely the toothbrush every character from Twilight uses, I am sure of it.
 I really like the black handle, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toothbrush like that!
As far as the bristles this is a “firmer” bristled brush other than that it’s pretty standard except that the bristles  are purple. 
Purple Childrens Brush
This super cute brush fits perfectly in a tiny hand. The bristles on this one are a little more defined and it has some ridging under the head to clean your tongue as well
My kids tend to go through toothbrushes really quickly. I think most of that is due to the kids toothpaste being so gunky so we’ll definitely be using this!

Clear Toothbrush
This clear and black toothbrush is super cool. I’ll pass this one along to Mr. I’m Not a Tree.
This has softer bristles and the brush head is pretty defined. These bristles are also slightly recessed in the center
Womens Grey & Lavender Toothbrush
Love all the curves and grips on this Lavender toothbrush! 
I like how all the toothbrushes that I received seem to color coordinate!
Don’t know if they did that on purpose or not
 I would say this had more “medium” bristles and this definitely is a larger sort of brush as well. So if you feel like most toothbrushes are a bit too small for you this is an excellent option!

So in summary

We can’t do our typical subscription box breakdown for Oral Care 365 since this is a “destination” subscription box. This fills the need. Shopping for toothbrushes is not a whole lot of fun and more often than not it can be a bit of a chore we have to take care of once it’s too late. Oral Care 365 takes the stress out of it. They have a cute and fun selection that has something for everyone! They’re also really inexpensive at only $2 a brush! I don’t think I will ever buy another brush at the store again!

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