Meet Remmi

*product was received free for review

This is Global Cooking for Kids a cookbook written by a 12 year old girl named Remmi. 
It’s the coolest book! It gets kids interested in cooking and I am so excited to be sharing it with you guys!

This is Chef Remmi! She has her own website  and is coming out with her own subscription box.
This cookbook will be included in longer subscriptions and so I wanted to kind of show you guys what it’s all about!
This cookbook takes you cooking around the world! Each spot on the map has a part in this fun, cookbook! I have to say when I first got this in the mail Penny sat down and was really entranced by all the facts and information in here!
Morocco is one of the countries that the book highlights
One of the Moroccan Recipes included. Meatball Tagine looks delectable
Australia is another of the countries that is featured. I will be honest and say I didn’t know what sort of cuisine was even served in Australia before this cookbook! I like that there are facts about each country which kind of helps kids make the connection and cement the knowledge they are acquiring
Cottage Pie looks a bit like Shepard’s Pie, we’ll be giving this one a try. Penny picked this one out!
And another of Australia’s recipes
I think this is an awesome cookbook. I also there needs to be more kids like Chef Remmi. It takes a lot of ambition, dedication, and devotion to be as successful at her young age as she is! Children like her serve as great positive role models for the children that are around them.
We think she is awesome and can’t wait to see what her subscription has in store for us!

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