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Sapphire Soul is a subscription box for the Modern Goddess in you! A mindful and mystical subscription that invites us to look inside ourselves and ask those big questions. There are many different subscription options but the box we reviewed is the Mindful & Mystical Monthly that costs $45 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Sapphire Soul Monthly Box
Looks like fun! The galaxy inspirational card right on the top like that!
Here is everything that we received in the December “Sacred Celebrations” Box.
This month we reclaim the past in an attempt to focus on the future and keep moving forward. 
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Sapphire Soul subscription box but I was definitely surprised and pleased with the items that I received

So what is all this stuff?

Yoga Joes
A non-violent yet still physically active take on toy soldiers. These guys can be found doing upward dog and half tortoise.
There were two included in this box but there is a full set of Yoga Joes available and a subscriber only coupon for 20% off
These are a lot of fun and are a cute way to keep the mood of this subscription box light
Crown Chakra Tea Bag
I actually really like this. It tastes a bit like a Jasmine tea and I’ve heard that they infuse their teas with gems! 
Miracles Now Intuitive Message Card
I love the image on the front of this card! It’s so bright and surreal looking. Which if you think about it makes sense, since miracles are things that never seem actual or possible
This is perfect for this time of year, the “goodwill” we speak of is real and it makes us feel good. So let the light in and try to give it back!
Pink Halite
Also called Himalayan Pink Salt (I actually cook with this!) This pretty crystal looks a bit like unpolished Rose Quartz. In fact if I hadn’t received a card with this I would have never known. This crystal cleanses and deodorizes and also clears out negativity 
Resin & Swift Lite Charcoal Discs
This photo is a little deceiving. When I took the photos I thought for certain the resin was actually more of the Halite Crystal that was sent. It is in fact resin that you can burn. Sent in scents like Frankincense and Myrrh these are a great way to honor the season
Pictured left is the Charcoal discs that were included to light the resin. When I took my photos I thought somehow the Charcoal discs went with this Golden Ritual Candle. That is not the case. This pretty candle is meant to put in your sacred space, a festive and pretty holiday addition!
Gold Cocoa Leaves
I was unsure what this was when I first unboxed the Sapphire Soul box. These rich looking inclusions are just a way to make the “Sacred Celebrations” box prettier. I actually added this to a baby’s breath breath that I have hanging on my mantle! 
It looks like it’s always been there….
Coconut Lemongrass Lip Balm
This is a Coconut Lemongrass Lip Balm I love both scents so I am super happy I received this – mostly because it isn’t a flavor you find in lip balms often!
I would like to say though, the lemongrass as opposed to the coconut is a much lighter flavor. I almost feel like the lemongrass is mostly a scent that you can detect but the coconut is what comprises the main note. The formula is nice, I put this on before bed and when I woke up I could still feel this on my lips. 
Rainbox OPTX 
These are so cool! Love these! They have an entire spectrum (pictured on the card) of colors that help you visually change your perspective. These Violet shades focus on your Crown Chakra and improve your awareness. The needs addressed are energy imbalances. These glasses help clear the mind and liberate the spirit.
There was also a subscriber only discount included to buy 2 get 1 free or 40% off
Gem Infused Essential Oil Blend
This scent is called Sacred Celebration and it’s a beautiful mix of Cinnamon and Frankincense and Balsam. This is a warm and inviting seasonal blend
It’s also infused with Golden Pyrite and Citrine. You can hear them when you shake the bottle. If you watched the unboxing I thought this smell was Cloves! That is how I would sum this scent up though, if you like the smell of Cloves you will love this
Dive In Deck
My favorite thing in this box! This deck of cards asks us the questions we may not think to ask ourselves or the people closest to us. I love things like this because sometimes they serve as ways of seeing things and situations differently. And sometimes they start us thinking about things that end up changing the way we look at the world
A sampling of this decks thoughtful contributions
The graphics are ridiculously cool
And with questions like, “How do you explore and expand the edges of your comfort zone?” How can this deck not be thought provoking?
Wrist Sari with Sankofa Charm
This wrist sari has a “Sankofa” symbol. Literally translated Sankofa means “to reach back and get it”. The purpose of this charm and this sari is to remind us of the past and allow us to reclaim it so we can focus on the future and move forward. This was the most meaningful item in this box to me. 
Sometimes the past can be a weight but the point is that you’ve lived it, you’ve learned the lesson, now let it go. 
As far as the style I love this! It’s made from a sari and just wraps around your wrist however you’d like. Once it frays and falls off naturally just remove the charm and add it to a chain or whatever you’d like. The casual wrapping of this wrist sari is what I find most appealing. It’s almost masculine (which is totally my style) in that it’s like a “get up and go” look. The color is so bright and pretty though, which gives it a beautiful feminine feeling
Subscriber Only Coupons
15% off Yoga Leggings at Confused Girl in the City 
30% of Chakredy Vibrational Remedies
15% off at Buy the Change

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Sapphire Soul is a really cool box. It’s a bit of a trickster because upon first hearing about this box you think it’s a niche kind of box and may only appeal to people with new age proclivities. Having unboxed and experienced Sapphire Soul I am thinking this is a great box for anyone who is introspective, or at one of those “crossroads” in life. A great gift for young women, because the overall experience just screams empowered! I loved this box. The curation is divine!!! Every item serves a purpose. Each item is well thought out and useful and purposeful. As far as quality I have no qualms with any item in the Sapphire Soul box. And presentation is great as well. This is an awesome box and a lot of fun, sometimes the best journeys we take are on the inside, deep in our souls
As far a s box economy the monthly mindful & mystical box is $45 we didn’t have a price on everything we received for December but just for the items that knew the price alone we received around $100 in value which is AMAZING!
And don’t forget if you use coupon code MALAME you’ll get a free gemstone mala bracelet free (valid thru 12/31)

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