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*product was received free for review

Hole in Wall Box is a brand new subscription box that takes you to different destinations and brings you an excellently curated selection of the best of every locale. Boxes are $35 plus shipping. At the moment the boxes are bi-monthly though that may change. 
I’m also super excited to be hosting a Hole in Wall Box Giveaway – that’s right one of you guys will win your very own Hole in Wall Box! (after the break – c’mon you know I’m gonna make you scroll a little for it)

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
The packaging of the Hole in Wall box is excellent. Their box is super detailed and really high quality.
Our first glimpse inside the Hole in Wall Box
“Hello from: San Diego, CA”
Everything that we received in our Hole in Wall Launch Box!
What an excellent selection of handcrafted products! I couldn’t wait to find out what all the items in this box were

So what is all this stuff?

Maw&Paw Caramel KettleKorn
This was so tasty! The caramel that they use to coat this popcorn is so creamy and buttery it was almost like toffee! If you watched the unboxing you’ll know I said I prefer toffee to caramel, this was almost just as good. It had a good hint of salt as well.
This is made with American grown mushroom corn
Sadly, this is all gone (everything except one item is I’m embarrassed to admit). Mr. I’m Not a Tree thought this was delicious as well
Nibble Dark Chocolate
They describe this as having a “maltiness” and when I read that I didn’t quite understand. After eating it, boy do I get it! This is hoppy – woowee
This Peruvian Chocolate boasts only two ingredients and 72% is cocoa
The bar is so perfect and smooth it looks like pretend chocolate. I liked the taste you get at the end of this chocolate a really deep rich flavor.
P.C. Bar
There are a lot of acronyms on this label. P.C. simply means puffed cereal. OG on the bag DOES NOT mean original gangster, just organic. 
This protein bar has a fruity liveliness to it and is made with only wholesome organic ingredients! Love that they included nut butter, and pumpkin seeds. 
The texture is really unique. The bar itself is chewy while the rice cereal adds a touch of light and airiness to the bar. All in all I thought this was really good (and filling)
 Bella Vie Soy Candle
This soy candle is made in sunny San Diego
So it makes sense that it smells like a day at the beach. The scent of surf and sand with some floral notes of Jasmine make this candle smell amazing
The scent is super uplifting and invigorating. I think I’m going to save it for Spring
Hopkins AG Lime & Salt Almonds
These were so good. The lime adds a good bite! I’ve never had a flavored almond but these were a welcome change from the ordinary almond
These are nonpareil almonds which are hailed as being the best Almond variety
Arrogant Bastard Hot Sauce
This Oaked Hot Sauce is from the same company that brings you Arrogant Bastard Ale which I was told by my husband has something like 10% alcohol by volume and will knock you on your you know what. The hot sauce isn’t much different and has a bright start and a smoky finish. Love the label and the name. What a fun way to spice up your meal. There’s even some Arrogant Bastard Ale in the hot sauce!
Oats + Honey Facial Soap Bar
My favorite thing in this box because the smell is out of this world kind of phenomenal!
I was surprised to learn this is a facial soap and is designed for extremely sensitive skin (ME!). And while it’s made with Honey and Oats the body of this scent is definitely Spearmint, it actually smells like Doublemint!
I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but if you look closely you can see the oats and rosemary on the top of the bar. I can not wait to use this!
True Gentlemen Beef Jerky
This Korean BBQ flavored beef jerky is crazy delicious! The sweet brown sugar and chiles together is a complex and fun flavor
This jerky was thinner so it was easier to snack on. The texture of this jerky was pretty soft as well

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. I’ll go ahead and start with the very first thing that we see – the presentation. This box is very unique and fun and everything arrives exactly as it should. So the presentation aspect of this box is on point. As far as quality you couldn’t ask for anything better. This has all the trappings of a handmade luxury box and then some. The curation is so amazing. I can’t imagine the time and energy put into searching out and finding all of these local San Diego vendors. :Big Props to Hole in Wall for that: What we have here guys is a top shelf box and I am so happy I’ve gotten to share their launch box with you!
As far as box economy the Hole in Wall retails for $35 and for that price we receive $43.75 in products which isn’t a bad value at all! 

Check Out Hole In Wall Box

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Thanks Guys and Good Luck

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