What’s Up Wednesday

This week … this finally happened.

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Messes Made This Week

I’ve decided to make this part of the what’s up wednesday piece. 
Messes that Oliver has made.
Left is baby powder from this evening. You think this is bad you should have seen his room.
Pictured right is all that fun stuff inside the subs. Just strewn about for no darn good reason!

What are we doing?

My little bugaloo is pulling up!
We’re in so much trouble
Do you remember Book It! ?? It is STILL a thing!
We went to Pizza Hut last Friday to redeem November’s Coupon
Got one of my Christmas gifts early! My husband cannot wait to give out gifts. I’ll be surprised if I have a gift to open on Christmas!

What am I reading?

What am I listening to ?

These guys randomly came on my husbands Discovery Spotify Playlist and they are Rad!

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