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*product was received free for review

Konenkii Quarterly is a subscription box aimed at women who dare to age fearlessly! Each season you will receive the latest trends in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, books and food items. A month to month Konenkii subscription costs $49.99 while a one time gift subscription is $54.99

Check out the unboxy box video 

(and yes, the sound is out of sync again… )

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpses inside this seasons box. Love how things are wrapped separately, just like Christmas gifts! This box looks like a lot of fun!
Everything that we received in the Konenkii winter subscription box.
I am loving this box! So bright and inviting!

So what is all this stuff?

Our Box Inserts 
Konenkii Apres Ski Recipes
You don’t have to wait until after you ski to try these recipes, these are great for anytime you’d like! A recipe for chili, fondue, a frittata, a salad, and yummy brownies!
White Silicone Watch
This silicone watch is not only beautiful but also classy and elegant in Winter White. I personally love that the numbers aren’t on there, something about a blank watch makes it more stunning. One thing is for certain this is definitely a statement piece.
Lake Champlain Chocolate Bar
When I saw this organic dark chocolate bar had caramel I naturally assumed it would be little flakes in the bar… not actually a caramel filled bar. My goodness guys, this was so darn good! Kind of like a Carmello but more rich and creamy and bursting with caramel
Fair Trade and organic and 52% cocoa this bar is high quality
And an absolutely welcome indulgence!
Light Up Pen
All you have to do to light up your life is click this pen three times – you won’t go home to Kansas but you’ll be able to sign your John Hancock in the wee hours of the morning!
I had to hide this from the kids, otherwise I’d never see it again!
To go with our new pen we’ve also received a journal! The pen helps us retain our thoughts even in the middle of the night. Whenever your thoughts happen though this journal will be there to record it all… maybe it’s a picture – maybe it’s a list. The fact that this is unruled paper gives you the freedom to choose
Credit Card Holder
These are really great if you can trust yourself to not forget your phone anywhere. I left my phone in the grocery store and was lucky enough the lady that found it in the cart was honest and nice. These totally work and stay put. I really liked that in the summer when I would wear yoga pants I had somewhere to keep my cards but now in the winter I don’t need it as much anyway. I have my coat with pockets!
Temporary Tattoos
Feeling like a rebel? Wear one of these little temporary tattoos that serve as reminders to “Be Brave” “Have a Positive Attitude” and “Breathe”. These are super cute and these are a fun idea for anyone that could use a bit of a pick me up!
Apply just as you would a normal temporary tattoo!
Another stunning item in Winter White! This pashmina is great to wrap around your head or just your shoulders… you pick!
Here I am … model at large! Rocking the white pashmina!
Erzulie Lip & Cheek Color Stick
This lip & cheek duo is all natural! 
The color in “Zoe” (all their colors are girl names) is subtle and a peachy pink color. I actually really like this. 
It’s very light-I like that a lot in a lip and cheek duo. It comes out a really pretty rosy color which is perfect for the apples of the cheeks!
Paperwhite & Votive Holder
This Paperwhite Bloom will chase your winter blues away! 
All you have to do is add water and set in a sunny spot on your window sill
I’m excited for these to bloom as all my houseplants have gone to sleep for the winter! I can use a little foliage in my life
The votive holder is beautiful as well and can be reused as a candle holder once the flower has bloomed!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Konenkii is a really fun box. It’s the first time we’ve ever received a flower in a box and we really like that! Everything is presented excellently and each box gets better and better. Quality is great and curation is awesome! What a great collection of items for a classy, worldly woman! Great as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend. Konenkii is sure to please!
As far as box economy we can’t really accurately say what most of the prices of the items in this box are but we certainly think the $49 price tag is warranted!

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  1. Hey Chelsey, I actually haven't received a Konenkii for a while and am not sure what has been in their more recent boxes, sorry! Wish I could be of more help!!!

    Thanks for reading <3

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