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Eatsie Box is a new subscription box that sends you a monthly helping of snacks and other yummy treats. What sets Eatsie Box apart from other snack subscriptions is the fact that you are able to customize your Eatsie Box based on your likes and dislikes. Subscriptions are $23 monthly

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Eatsie Box this month!
Everything that we received in the Eatsie Box! Love this fun and yummy mix!

So what is all this stuff?

I received the Kettle flavored Popcorners and for some reason I just thought they’d be plain. Duh. They were sweet and that surprised me! I had never had these before and they were pretty good, they had a softness that I liked. 
Kids liked them as well!
Krema Chocolate Covered Raisins
This is the kind of snack you’d find at the local farmers market which I am totally cool with. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate covered raisins but the kids like them so this is fine for me
All of our ingredients are listed on the back
These taste like your average chocolate covered raisin. I am glad that they are milk chocolate, I prefer it to dark and white chocolate. Check Out Krema
Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup
I’m a huge fan of Justin’s nut butter spreads. I wish I could say the same for these! They aren’t bad, just not as good as what we all grew up with (you know who I’m talking about). The milk chocolate was good but they are just a tad harder than I’d like and the peanut butter is not… I can’t put my finger on it.
Sorry about the bad picture. It was melting. As far as size they are also skinnier than the cups that I’m used to which for whatever reason was hard to get over 
Greenlight Beef Jerky
This came in the “Pepper Grinder” flavor. I really, really liked this! The jerky was the tougher kind which I prefer (something about ripping it satisfies me) and the flavor was tops! It was slightly tangy and the pepper was definitely there but not overwhelming!
Looking at the ingredients right now I am guessing that the flavor that contributes to the tanginess is the Apple Cider Vinegar or the Soy Sauce… or maybe it’s a combo of the two. Either way it’s really good!
An up close of this yummy jerky. Check Out Greenlight
I’m excited – I haven’t had a chance to use these yet (it’s been in the 60’s and 70’s here in Eastern PA [verrrry weird]) but I definitely will be using these at some point! I love coconut and I love mint so I am excited to test out these exotic Hot Chocolate Flavors! Check Out 3 Leaf
Brownie Brittle
I got the original last time, and I mentioned that I LOVE the toffee and that is what I got this time! I love it! Yum Yum! I love the texture of this as well and the way it sort of just dissolves in your mouth.
This is the 120 calorie pack but I usually just ignore that stuff. 
Southern Boy Iced Tea
I received a Southern Boy Tea last time and as excited as I was about that one and this Pumpkin Spice flavored one as well I still haven’t tried it! Shame on me. This looks really good though and I am glad that I received it!
Nutter Butter Bite Size
I had to SHARE these bite sized versions of the original Nutter Butter cookies sandwiches with my kids… boo hiss.
You see those little feet over on the right of the photo? It’s a child asking for more! 
Dinosaur Puzzle
These are cool. Last time Penny built hers with the help of Mr. I’m Not a Tree so I think that’s how this one is going to go as well

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. 
Eatsiebox is a fun box and I really love the premise that you can customize your subscription. 
Presentation is good, everything arrives exactly as it should. Quality is good too, I like the mix of name brands and other smaller independent companies that we might not know about. Curation is cool too and while it’s probably coincidental I like how I received the toffee this month and some coconut flavored things as well! I really like this box and think it’s an awesome option for parents with picky kids. You can swap things out easily if you know for certain your children won’t eat it.
As far as box economy for $23 we feel like this is a good mix of items and is totally worth it. We would love to see a “lite” version though in the future!

Check Out Eatsie Box

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