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The Crafty Mail is a monthly, handmade subscription box that sends an assortment of themed items. Vendors vary but you can expect to find body products, home decor, and accessories in this subscription box. The boxes are always themed which makes them fun and seasonal. Subscriptions are $24.95 for the full size and $15 for the mini. 

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the December Crafty Mail Box. Love the snowflakes!
Everything that we received in the December “Jack Frost” themed The Crafty Mail. This box is full of such amazing items! This month had a particularly good variety

So what is all this stuff? 

A Maroon and Grey hair tie make this very season appropriate! Love the little gift tags, and you can save them for anytime you need them with their pretty pastel colors!
I LOVE this! I don’t know if this is my favorite thing in the box because there are like three things in here I just can’t get over. This is such a cool addition to your tree or your home holiday decor. I like animal silhouettes but for some reason this bear is probably my favorite. Check out their shop though, because they have the wood slices in a variety of styles!
I think I like the bear so much because if you happen upon a bear it’s so uncommon and slightly dangerous. Almost like a phenomenon, you saw it and you may never see it again. 
This tile is cute! Love Studio SL2, not sure exactly what I’m going to do with this yet but I’m definitely going to find a use for this! Also, great penmanship – I’m kinda jelly.
There were two offerings from B’s Bubbles and Balms in the “Jack Frost” box. 
The first is a Winter Mini Foot Soak and it smells heavenly. It left my feet feeling soft and nourished. Foot soaks are a pretty new thing for me but I definitely enjoy them especially the older I get. Some days my feet just hurt and a foot soak is a great way to soothe!
The second contribution is the Vanilla Bean Lotion Bar. I’ve been dying to try one of these so I am pretty excited that I received this. This may look small but I assure you a couple swipes of this on your heels and you are good to go – a little goes a long way.
We couldn’t find this exact ornament in their shop but an average ornament of theirs is about $10. We love this precious little tree ornament! I love the copper hanger and the little red ball, it adds so much interest!
This is also in the running for favorite item in the box!
I love the way this was packaged, so pretty and feminine
 I like the little bird sticker on the container. This Vanilla Body Scrub has a very nice light scent.
I haven’t gotten to use this yet but it smells nice and I will definitely be using this at some point. 
These wine charms are absolutely perfect for this box! I love how they feel like the winter season without feeling overly “Christmas-y” Love the little bell addition as well, super cute touch.
Love this headband for the colder months, this color is totally me as well! Super pretty in a greyish brownish shade. If you check out their shop they have really adorable infant hats (for each season) worth a look-see!
This came packaged like a VIP invite! Very classy…
In the envelope there was one bag of Jack Frost’s Nip Tea, it’s a blend of Spearmint, Peppermint and Pink Peppercorns. I love trying new teas so I was very excited about this! I also love Kiper Creations! 
This was so smooth but the peppercorns give it a more “robust” flavor. All in all I really liked this and like that they sort of strayed away from their typical box inclusion
Another adorably packaged addition to this month’s The Crafty Mail
And even more adorable gift tags! Is that reindeer not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Love The Party Fox who makes the most stunning cupcake toppers ever! Their contributions to this box are always a lot of fun!
I love everything she does! L’Aura Botanicals can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. This smells amazing and is the perfect scent for a soak in the tub. 
This scent wasn’t even listed on her Etsy but I love how you can see the flecks in these. I can’t wait to use them
The “Harvest” box had a “Be Thankful” card from Sassy Ampersand that I found really charming. This card is just as cute and fun and simple. Traditional, yet not. Perfect! It’s blank inside so you can write down whatever is on your mind
A shot of the back
Purchase $25 or more and received 25% off!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crafty Mail is one of the few boxes that maintains it’s integrity month after month. The presentation is great. We loved the snowflakes this month! The quality only gets better with each passing month. The “Jack Frost” box brings us not only handmade ceramics but hand knitted items and the beautiful wood slice ornaments. It’s a wonderful quality box! And curation is amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better assortment of “Jack Frost”themed items if I tried for a million years. And what’s more is that while it feels festive it never, not once feels overdone. 
As far as box economy a lot of these items are made for the box and we can’t really give you an accurate price. I do like that they are one of a kind and limited and feel that the price of $24.95 for the full size and $15 for the mini is an awesome deal!

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