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If you guys know me I love to get on the bandwagon of any company that is giving back. So, I’m super excited to show you The Shoe That Grow. The Shoe That Grows is a sandal typed shoe that comes in two sizes and three colors. There is a size for ages 5-9 and 10-14 and available color options are black, blue, and tan. Your child could potentially wear these adjustable shoes for five years. The greatest part about these shoes has nothing to do with size or color though, it’s the fact that for every pair of “Shoes That Grow” purchased 2 pairs will be donated to a child in need! 

Initially, you’ll have to adjust these to fit your child’s whole foot. That takes some getting used to 
I started with Penny. Who was using the 10-14 size. This little girl is notoriously my pickiest child. She thought these were “cool” 
The side snaps are pretty simple and if they don’t fit well I can assure you that your child will tell you they feel uncomfortable. Both of the girls told me. If you look in the center you’ll see there is a long strip with a nub to adjust the front of the shoe. This is probably the trickiest part of the process. But only the first time you try. On the second pair it was a breeze.
There is a buckle in the back as well which is simple enough. There are a million combinations to adjust these shoes so there isn’t really a way that these won’t fit. The best news of all is that for five years all you’ll have to do is adjust occasionally – you won’t have to buy another sandal.
I put on Belle’s after Penny and because I had already had practice it was easier.
For Belle we were using the smaller size (5-9) but the setup is exactly the same.
This blue is pretty cool and bright – she is really excited about these! I will pass them along to Oliver as well once he is old enough.
Here is Belle in her blue Shoes That Grow

I’m really happy with these shoes, they are made of really durable material and come in a couple of fun versatile colors. They also help people in need which we love! A pair of Shoes That Grow costs $50 which is awesome considering the child will be able to wear these for five years!

Up For Grabs

We’re giving away a pair! This is the 5-9 sized pair! Enter below to win!

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