Chomps Snack Sticks Review

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Chomps Snack Sticks are a new alternative to traditional beef jerky and beef jerky sticks. 
Made with 100% Non GMO Grass Fed Beef. Each stick boasts 9 grams of protein with no added sugars or gluten, no nitrates fillers, binders or MSG. You can purchase Chomp Snack Sticks in quantities as little as five all the way up to a case! 5 Chomp Snack Sticks costs $11.25

There are currently 3 Chomp Snack Stick Flavors

This is spicy but not too spicy. It leaves a light heat in your mouth but the overall component of this flavor is the beef itself.
The meat is tender and has a more “earthy” taste than most other beef sticks. These are also much thicker and way more filling than the average beef jerky stick!
This is probably one of the most complex flavors of beef jerky I have ever had the privilege of trying. It also just so happens to be my absolute favorite of the three flavors that I tried
You are immediately struck by the sweet of the Cranberry and then the smoky after notes of pepper. These are actually a bit hotter than the jalapenos. Love the bite! 
The actual sticks look pretty much the same. There is little variation in appearance between the flavors. This is also tender and a bit Earthy. Very pleasant to eat
This jerky stick is for the meat lover. You can taste all the flavor in the original beef stick. The Chomps Snack Sticks meat is much leaner than the average beef stick and you can totally taste it in these!

So in summary

We love the flavor of the Chomp Snack Sticks and are really impressed with the variety (particularly the Crankin Cran). We also really like that they are such a healthy option. What an awesome alternative to the products that are on the market right now! All 100% Grass Fed Beef from New Zealand and no nitrates, makes this an awesome way to snack!

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