Chef Club Box | Review | Unboxing | December 2015

*product was received free for review

The Chef Club Box is a brand new subscription box from 15 year old (yes, you heard that right) Remmi Smith. It aims at sending you convenient and healthy snacks each month to combat the childhood obesity epidemic. Subscriptions start at $35.99

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the box reveals a calendar that outlines each food related day in December!
Things are wrapped separately and with care and we love that about this box!
Everything thing that we received in the December Launch of the Original Chef Club Box
The Original has 10+ snacks while the Big Apple has 15+ snacks
Both have a bunch of fun extras though! We love this colorful variety and this box is absolutely jam packed with stuff which is a lot of fun!

So what is all this stuff? 

Natural Sins
A naturally baked dried fruit snack these mangoes are probably going to be a huge hit with the kids but we haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet
The only ingredients in these chips is Mango and Cane sugar. There is also an apple chip and a coconut chip which sound amazing as well!
Healthy Tips
Each month you’ll receive healthy recipes and fitness tips with a Chef Club Box subscription
Our recipe was Gazpacho Salad
Our fitness activity was jumping rope
Vapur Water Bottle
This water bottle is foldable, freezable and easy to store!
I had never heard of these before so this whole concept was pretty new to me
These come in bunch of different colors but we received this transparent bright green color
It also has the side clasp that not only keeps it attached and handy but also keeps it rolled up once you fold it!
Frontier Bites
I was familiar with Frontier Bites prior to receiving the Chef Club Box and they are amazing! These were the Almond Blueberry Lemon flavor and they are out of this world good. There are about five cube shaped bites in this pack but I’m pretty sure I could eat about 500
So, I couldn’t get a decent picture to save my life. But this gives you an idea of size and consistency of each bite

That’s It Fruit Snack
All that’s in this bar is 1 apple and 12 strawberries. There is absolutely no added sugar which should make parents out there very, very happy
All the nutritional information
What made this bar different (besides it’s nutritional value) than most other bars like it is the thickness. This bar is large and thick (and filling!) You can see the pieces of fruit in it as well which only further proves the 2 ingredient claim
Simply Snackin’ Dried Beef
We love jerky around here so seeing something like jerky presented in this healthy format is different and pretty exciting. Made with lean grass fed beef these jerkies are a healthy alternative. I was curious about the flavor as well since it’s dried beef with apples and cherries, how does that work?
Well, it’s sort of one of those formed sticks you can see clearly the bits of fruit. The texture is simple and the flavor is excellent. The fruit adds just a light sweetness that little mouths and hands can appreciate!
Coney Island Kettle Corn
I couldn’t find prices for these smaller bags. We received the Cinnamon Bun Flavor but they have quite a few options. This all natural non-gmo popcorn is made in small batches with Himalayan Pink Salt and is absolutely divine!
Besides the fact that this sweet, heavenly mixture is amazingly tasty it’s also vegan, gluten free, and processed in nut free facility so it’s safe for all!
Smart Cookies
I couldn’t find the price on these either. These cookies blend fruits and vegetables together to create a delicious cookie. We received the Orange Chocolate Beet flavor but I have to say the Zucchini Gingerbread and Carrot looks interesting!
Lots of important vitamins in these and they’re made in a nut free facility so you can snack with confidence!
Mediterra Bar
I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but it looks delicious! We received the Yogurt, Apricot and Pistachio bar which boasts 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber
This back panel explains how the three main ingredients of this bar; yogurt, apricot, and pistachio have been Mediterranean staples for generations and that they are full of essential nutrition
Rockin’ ola Granola
These granola bites are strawberry flavored with little bits of marshmallow added in! 
Made with whole grains in the USA your kids are certain to enjoy this one (I know mine did and I will definitely be repurchasing!)
Plum Organics Mash Ups
My kids love the Mash Ups from Plum Organics! We think it’s a great progression from the Plum Organics baby food. We received the apple sauce and fruits and vegetables. And while I don’t remember, my oldest daughter has told me we have had those already
All the nutritional information. No added sugar and an excellent source of Vitamin C
Happy Snacks Animal Crackers
The website for this company wasn’t working so I couldn’t find an accurate price for these. But I know that animal crackers are one of my go to snacks for the kids when I want something that isn’t loaded with sugar. These are a great option since they are all natural, have no preservatives, are nut and dairy free, contain no artificial flavors, cholesterol or trans fat.
The Vintage Pearl Necklace
$40 (?)
We based our price off of comparable necklaces on the Vintage Pearl website since we couldn’t find an exact match. This had a little tag that indicated it was a gift for the parents, and really we couldn’t be more thrilled. Definitely our favorite thing in this box!
This came so beautifully packaged it was hard not to be excited!
This hand stamped “you hung the moon” emblem with Pearl embellishment is a perfect gift for a parent and such an awesome inclusion in the box!
I love this and will definitely be wearing it a lot!
Then there was this really cutely packaged pouch of promotional items
Included was a packet of Remmi’s own Italian Dressing Mix – yummy!
This Santa’s Beard Candle Sample which doesn’t have a wax but I will certainly use on my candle warmer! Smells powdery and musky!
All of the coupons and subscriber only discounts included in this box (there were quite a few)! 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Chef Club Box is jam packed with stuff – and what an interesting variety! We really enjoyed this one and were pleased with the presentation. Everything came well packaged and arrived safely and exactly as it should. Quality is great, this was a great grouping of healthy kid friendly snacks and some added bonuses as well. Curation is awesome! We love the selection included, all made with the intention of kids eating and enjoying them! Everything is carefully thought out, like the Vapur container as an extra for kids and the beautiful necklace that is a gift for the Mom’s! We think The Chef Club Box is awesome!
As far as box economy the Chef Club Box costs $35.99 and while we couldn’t get a real value we think this box has an estimated value of about $65.50 which is awesome! 

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