The Squishy Box | Review | Unboxing | December 2015

*product was received free for review

The Squishy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you six kawaii squishies (a little bit like a stress ball but much, much more kawaii) to help you build your collection. There are thousands available so the options are limitless! Subscriptions start at $23.99 with reduced rates for longer subscriptions

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Squishy Box
Everything that we received in the December Squishy Box
So colorful and fun – a perfect start (or continuance) to a kawaii squishy collection

So what is all this stuff?

Yellow Face Squishy
This squishy has an incomprehensible expression on his face. Is he happy or sad, maybe just anxious and worried? Not sure, either way he’s cute!
 The strings allow these to attach easily to cell phones or keychains however you’d like to show them off!
Swiss Roll Squishy
This squishy is awesomely detailed right down to the fabric icing! Looks good enough to eat. While I can’t find exact individual prices for each of the squishies in this box I can tell you a comparable swiss roll squishy sells for $18.99 
A view of the top. Love the details and how pretty (and real) it all looks together!
The details of this squishy are what make it one of the most special in this box – this is sure to make your collection that much better
Hello Kitty Macaron Squishy
Love this Hello Kitty Squishy! Made to look like a little French Macaron we almost want to take a little bite!
I think this is a great inclusion in the box if you are looking for more recognizable and character related squishies
It’s a very good macaron replication as well, in our opinion! 
Ice Cream Squishy
Two scoops please! This adorable ice cream cone is definitely “kawaii” in our book!
An excellent key chain accessory and with none of those pesky calories!
Panda Squishy
Oh my is this the cutest thing ever – or what?! Love this little panda. The best part is that the back is flat so you can hang it on a mirror (or where ever) and you’ll be able to see the face because the back will be flush with the surface
I love pandas so I am glad this was included in this box! I’ll definitely be putting this somewhere I can see it 
Eclair Squishy
This is probably the most intricately detailed of all the squishies that we received. I love the little bead sprinkles and how colorful this is! Such a cute little accessory
This is my favorite – it’s a lot fun and a lot of color. 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. We love the presentation of The Squishy Box – the bright red box that The Squishy Box uses is unmistakeable! Quality is good as well and curation is excellent. This is an awesome subscription if you love kawaii squishies! We received a great assortment of simple and also ornate squishies so this could appeal to people just beginning their collection but also to those who have an established collection and are looking for more.
As far as box economy I don’t really have an accurate price for the individual squishies but I can say that the price of $23.99 is definitely worth it for all the kawaii goodies that we received!

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