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*product was received free for review

Green Tree Jewelry is a San Diego based jewelry company that creates unique, fun, and funky laser cut wood jewelry and light switch covers. They have such a WIDE variety – literally anything you can think of they cut into wood. It’s pretty awesome!
We received a few pairs of their earrings to share with you guys!

Sugar Skull Earrings
We love sugar skulls, so we knew when we saw these we were going to choose them. They are super detailed and ridiculously reasonably priced. 
I don’t know if I’ve ever seen earrings quite like these! They are fun, festive and just a little bit quirky which is exactly how we like it!
Gingerbread Earrings
How cute are these?! Had to pick these to wear at Christmas! These are just the right size, and very lightweight so they don’t hurt your ears
Totally a part of my holiday ensemble
The gingerbread man smiles at everyone, he’s friendly like that!
Fleur de Lis Earrings
These are a perfect feminine accent to any look. The simple and classic Fleur de Lis is elegant and respectable but has just the right amount of character to turn heads! There are about four different fleur de lis pattern to choose from in the earring section so if you want something larger or more ornate that’s a possibility!

So Check Them Out

We think Green Tree Jewelry is super duper! We love selection as well as the reasonable prices. These make perfect gifts! 

Check Out Green Tree Jewelry

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