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*product was received free for review

Club Smile is a new monthly subscription that sends you a dental grade whitening kit each month. You will receive a 14 day teeth whitening gel in each box and some other dental supplies. Subscriptions to this monthly program are $29.99
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s What You’ll Receive
Our first glimpse inside the box – and we love how they ran with the all white! 
Keeping it classy!
Here is everything that we received in the Club Smile Subscription Box 
We adore the little canvas bag they used!

So what is all this stuff?

We received detailed instructions about the Club Smile Kit and how to use each product that we received
Whitening Tray
A whitening tray to hold our mouthpiece
This is actually really nice, I’ve used whitening kits before and this is one of the first times I’ve ever received a tray to hold the mouthpiece(s)
These are great because you will actually mold them to your mouth for maximum comfort. It’s really simple too! Just boil some water and hold one mouthpiece at a time in for five seconds and place it in your mouth and bite down!
Tube of Whitening Gel
The piece de resistance! Our dental grade tube of whitening gel. Club Smile offers a classic and sensitive box for people that experience mouth sensitivity. You’ll put small amounts of this gel on your mouthpieces daily and wear for anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on your sensitivity level.
Remineralizing Gel
This gel is to be used when you are finished with your whitening treatment or feel your teeth are as white as you’d like. This gel only needs to be worn for 10 minutes and “remineralizes” teeth!
Mini LED Light
This step is optional but I feel it’s important. 
After turning on the light and while trays are in mouth, insert the light and let rest in between two trays. And obviously, even though it seems like you should, don’t look at the light. (IT IS REALLY BRIGHT)

So let’s talk results

Aha! Not so fast! Check back in the New Year for the Before and After photos and the full review of this first of it’s kind subscription! I’m still doing my treatment but I’ll let you guys know now that I’m already seeing results! The Club Smile kit is awesome!
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