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The Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly subscription box that sends your child a package of “self literacy” materials and activities each month. This is the first in the series of twelve. Each package is designed to help your child become more comfortable with and knowledgeable of his or her body. Subscriptions start at $40 
However if you use code FREE1ST you’ll get your first month free – an additional discounted rate of $35 on each of the 11 subsequent boxes and free shipping but hurry offer expires 12/31

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Know Yourself Subscription Box
Everything for this “Adventure” is in a cool little cigar box. We find out on the box that we are in 343 BCE Greece and that this box deals with the five senses!
Here’s everything that we received in this box. An activity for each sense – I know Penny was really excited to do the Know Yourself Activities!

So what is all this stuff? 

All of our inserts and information about the Know Yourself Subscription
Invisible Ink Pens
These are pretty nifty. They have some sort of black light type light on there that illuminates things
A lot of fun and since two were included you can share one with a friend! (Penny chose Isabelle)
You can only see the ink when you shine the light on it! 
Time Skaters Comic Book
I think Penny read this AS SOON as we finished the unboxing. She’s a voracious reader which makes me super happy. This comic stars Pinky and is titled “Fangs of Philosophy”
Know Yourself Stickers
A sheet of Know Yourself Stickers. Pinky and Dr. Bonyfide in all their glory!
Adventure Booklet
Not only does this booklet have activities for each sense and facts about Ancient Greece it also has 
World Map
You are supposed to mark off each place your Know Yourself Adventures take you. Penny didn’t know exactly where Greece was but she did know it was in Europe and she knew where Europe was.. so we are on the right path!
Foam Putty
This was kind of like play dough but not as squishy – I described it as dry and Penny corrected me and said it wasn’t dry that it was, “foamy”
Mini Notebooks
Two notebooks, one for you and one for a friend. These are made to go with the invisible ink pens. Pinky and Dr. Bonyfide decorate the cover. 
Magnifying Glass
Wonder which sense this is going to be involved with?!
Little egg shaker to make some noise with!
Plastic Containers
Everytime I open a box and see something like this I think, “How messy is this going to get?” 
We shall see!

Okay so now what?

First we worked out of the activity book and did a few of the sense related activities. The first was to be blindfolded in a dark (ehh… we kind of reworked this one) room and to listen and allow your ears to adjust and compensate for your lack of sight
I asked Penny what she heard and she said the refrigerator running and Oliver and Vivienne in the other room. Also if you look at her pants she put them on backwards this morning… she ONLY realized (and me too) at like 4 o’clock this afternoon!
Next we played whisper down the alley or telephone – whatever you call it, you can’t really take a picture of it! 
So, then our next activity was to sit in a dark room and keep our eyes closed for 30 seconds. Once we open them count how long it takes for our eyes to adjust to the new dim surroundings
Penny said fourteen seconds and Belle said ONE SECOND. Both of these guys’ times are wildly suspect if you ask me. Maybe they just didn’t want to be in the dark coat closet?
Then we did a couple of optical illusions…
The left is a double picture. Two faces in the black and a candlestick in the white. I was impressed because Penny saw both. The right photo is a trick – which orange circle is larger? Neither. Same size
And this one simulates motion, I really just wanted to see if it still would look like it was moving once we took a picture of it.
As part of the sense of touch we played with the foam putty
My sillies!
Then we moved on to the actual card with activities on it. Our first activity was a scent box. We create a unique scent box using the containers that were included and by putting interesting scents that we find around our house. 
Hallelujah! Not that messy!
Here’s my kids scent collection. Mind you – they needed guidance because Penny wanted to somehow bottle “bad breath” and as we all know.. nobody wants or needs that. So, from left to right Peppermint Room Spray (on a piece of paper), some of the putty – member when it was on their noses in that other picture? Well they decided it smelled weird. Some citrus oil, a sharpie marker on paper, oatmeal (?), and FISH FOOD. 
Some kind of perfume there!
Our next and final activity was to find out if we were super tasters!
How do you do this? You get food coloring and apply it to your tongue with a q-tip  and then using that little magnifying glass you inspect your tongue for bumps called Fungiform Papillae. These are the little nodules that hold your tastebuds. The more you have the more delicate your tastes are. The people with many of these are said to be picky eaters. 
Let me tell you I have two very different kinds of eaters in my two daughters so I was extremely curious how this would turn out.
Okay, look I’ll be honest there was a whole bunch of instructions on how to properly apply the food coloring.. I have no patience. I just put drops on their tongues… this was our result. Follow the instructions!
So nehoot!
Here’s Belle’s tongue and it was almost smooth which is kind of weird to me? There should be more bumps, or not I guess! Interestingly enough she is my very good, non-complaining eater!
Look at all of those bumps! This child gives me grief about everything! 
So, is Know Yourself Subscription Box on to something? I think so!

So, in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Presentation is awesome! We love the little cigar box that the Adventure comes in and will definitely be hanging on to that. We must also say we’ve grown fond of receiving a box inside another box because it really does ensure that things arrive undamaged. As far as quality everything is great. We love their printed materials and the comic book is amazing! The paper it’s on is high quality and glossy and the impression is that they’ve put a lot of time and effort into the characters and story in this series. Which is what is going to really make kids gain interest in the Know Yourself Adventure Subscription. As far as curation what is not to love – these activities are so much fun and as they say this box really does help your little one get to know them self better! What a great subscription box for children’s self awareness!
As far as box economy what we pay for with a subscription box like this is the amazing curation and range of themed activities. We can’t really gauge a price on the items included in this box but can confidently say that we think it definitely warrants the $40 subscription price tag.
But don’t forget if you use code FREE1ST you’ll get your first month free – an additional discounted rate of $35 on each of the 11 subsequent boxes and free shipping but hurry offer expires 12/31

Check Out the Know Yourself Adventure Subscription Box

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