She Crate Subscription Box | Review | Unboxing | December 2015

*product was received free for review

She Crate is a brand new Mommy & Me Playdate Subscription Box. The aim of this fun box is bonding and quality time between Mothers & Daughters.You can’t subscribe just yet but if you head over to their site and sign up for their email updates you’ll be entered to win a free year subscription!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the She Crate. It’s such a delicate and pretty color motif, we can definitely “feel” the girl power here!
Here is everything that we received in our She Crate Box. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve received such a useful tool in a box and I am inclined to really like that!

So what is all this stuff? 

Our box inserts that explain the craft that we’ll be doing and the items that were included
We’re making a Kiss-Mass Tree
Foam Cones
Two foam cones to help complete our craft
Hot Pink Hot Glue Gun
While I have a hot glue gun I feel it’s such an essential crafting tool it doesn’t hurt to have a second! This was included to help us complete the craft.
Glue Sticks
What hot glue gun is complete without glue sticks!
Hershey’s Holiday Kisses
The kids were disappointed that these were not just for them to eat but to aid in completing our Mommy & Me craft!
Notebook & Pen Set
How cute is this pen!? This actually isn’t for the craft it’s just a little something extra that we received in our She Crate Subscription Box. We think this print is super fun and feminine and love the unique shape of the pen!
Mom Ornament
Then there was this little tiny package… what could it be?
A little ornament for our tree! Super cute, and such a perfect way to commemorate Moms out there!

So now what?

Now we get to crafting!
We received a lot in the She Crate Subscription but we don’t need too much to complete this simple and fun craft!
Penny is old enough that she can use the hot glue gun herself in a supervised setting
Just don’t glue your hair!
Got our very first kiss on there!
Belle & I got our first row on! (Belle still needs help with applying the kisses)
This craft is easy as pie though. All we have to do is apply a small bit of glue to the bottom of the kiss and press it lightly onto the foam cone. We moving around starting at the base and go row by row. 
Penny’s first complete row!
Penny wanted to do a smile on her tree… and then later I caught her stealing (and eating) parts of that same smile! Here is hers completed
Here is Belle with our tree. I don’t question the faces they make anymore – they’re their Mothers, Daughters. We were quite proud of our tree though!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. We love the presentation of the She Crate! It’s a pretty package for Mothers & Daughters to open together. Quality is awesome not only did we receive everything that we needed to complete our craft we also got a couple of “extras” as well. Curation is awesome – the Kiss Mas Tree Craft was not only adorable but a craft that almost any aged child could complete (with the help of a parent). We love that that’s a possibility with the She Crate. Plus it was fun and cute! The kids really enjoyed this, and I do feel like we got some quality time in!
Remember signing up for the She Crate Email Updates Enters You For a Chance at a Years Subscription

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