Jade Canopy Subscription Box | Review | Unboxing | December 2015

*product was received free for review

Jade Canopy is a subscription box that sends unique and organic gardening goodies to you each month. Love the inscription on the side of the box, “Are you ready to get your hands dirty?” YES! Subscriptions are $30 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Jade Canopy Subscription Box
We really love that they use reindeer moss in the boxes as packing material! We don’t think we’ve seen anything as creative or as cool as that!
Everything that we received in our Jade Canopy December Box!
We’re surprised and impressed by the different items that we received

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts
There is a December Planting Guide, a “to do list”, some words of wisdom, and a list of the items that we received
ipow Flower Bag
Cute baby blue canvas bag. Double sided so you can hold different things. This is a new brand for us but we like the fun spirit of it!
The Nylon lining on the inside is a great idea. This would be great for things that might leak. Put them in here and then in whatever purse or bag you are using.
Herb Seeds
We received three packets of different herbs to start our own indoor herb garden!
This is exciting and I’ve decided I’ll do this with the kids this weekend. Check out our Instagram for updates as they grow!!
We received Marjoram, Chives, and Cilantro. We are super pumped about Cilantro because it is one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE spices! Can you say Ceviche?!
All of our herb garden tools including the pretty pot that was sent to grow them in! 
This flower pot makes me feel those spring feelings
Super cute with butterflies and flowers and in a bright, fun green! I can’t wait to grow herbs in this!
Organic Soil
This was sent so we don’t have to brave the icy winds and dig in frozen dirt! And let me assure you our very warm temperatures are OVER. It is cold where we are now! This will work perfectly for our herb garden!
Lettuce Seeds
We love that the seeds Jade Canopy sends are organic! The healthier the better!
This lettuce is of the Black Seeded Simpson variety, I’m not familiar with this off the top of my head but that may be because I’ve never heard it’s name before. I’m very excited to start growing vegetables though, it’s one of my personal goals to be able to make a meal that I’ve grown!
Radish Seeds
I love radishes for a few reasons. The first is that they are good. The second is that they are healthy. The third and most selfish of all is that my kids do not like them, this means I can have as many as I want! YAY!
Red Van Eijk Tulips
Beautiful Tulips! These Red Van Eijk Tulips are the perfect way to start off your spring!
We received three bulbs… funny to think how pretty this little bulb will be in just a few short months!
These are planted 6 inches in the ground with the tip pointing up.
Lotion & Shower Gel Bath Set
I had never heard of Cath Kidston before and out of curiosity I looked at her site ,what a mistake! Cutest kids clothing ever! I know that’s entirely unrelated but as you can see by the floral print on the boxes she just has a thing that works for her and she rolls with it! Love it!
We received the “Blossom” set of lotion and shower gel. 
Everything about the Cath Kidston line says delicate, feminine, and pretty.
The formula and scent of this is nice. I do believe though, that the print is my favorite thing about it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Jade Canopy is probably one of the most unique boxes that we’ve ever done yet it somehow applies to so many people! We are so excited to start planting and genuinely feel inspired by this subscription box! For that we think that the curation is absolutely excellent! Presentation is terrific. There is nothing “stock” or “standard” about anything in this box and that includes it’s physical box and packaging! Everything arrived unscathed as well! Quality is excellent too – we love everything but the real proof will come once we have grown a few things and we will undoubtedly share our successes in gardening with you guys!
As far as box economy the Jade Canopy subscription costs $30 and while we can’t really approximate what each item in this box costs we feel comfortable saying that for the curation of this box and the knowledge that we get with our December gardening “to do list” and the Planting Guide along with many seeds and bulbs we received that are all perfect to grow right now you’ll definitely be getting your monies worth with the Jade Canopy Subscription Box!

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