What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is back after a short holiday hiatus. Forgive us, maybe next year we’ll be more able to share our holiday with you guys but this year it was just too crazy. Hope you guys had a great one… we sure did! The scene above is the result of our Elf Cookie’s dirty goodbye trick!

So what have we been doing? 

Yesterday I made some Eucalyptus oil from the leaves I have collected from my silver dollar Eucalyptus plant. It was pretty simple just mix with Coconut Oil and cook in the crockpot for about six hours. It smells a bit more like coconut than eucalyptus though which is kind of … weird?
Last weekend we went to Winterthur
Which is the estate of the DuPonts and arguably one of our favorite places ever.
They were doing an exhibit on Tiffany glass and it was AMAZING
Seriously? Unbelievably beautiful. 
Clearly, he’s an LA Kings fan. 

So what else?
What are we listening to , watching etc?

We’ve been watching the new episodes of Maron on Netflix
And I know I’m late on this one but I’ve been watching
Vapid and Vague. My husband hates it!
Listening to? 
Well as soon as the first of January rolls around we are banned from Christmas music so I’ve been just listening to this album – oldie but goodie
Hope you guys aren’t finding it to hard to get back into your work grind… 
Until next week! 

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