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*product was received free for review

Lick My Dip is a monthly hot sauce subscription box. It’s shipped from the UK so we had to do a little converting to get US prices. Each month you’ll receive a mix of different hot sauces and spicy food items! Subscriptions are 12.49 British Pounds which converts to $18.28. There’s also a 7 Pound international shipping fee which makes this box $28.52 (USD) each month
As you guys know there’s a couple kinds of boxes that Mr. I’m Not a Tree and I like to do together, hot sauce boxes are one of them!

Check out our unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Let me start off by saying that the box itself is hilarious. Makes us just a little frightful to open it up, maybe we’ll spontaneously combust?
Our first glimpse inside the Lick My Dip Subscription Box
Everything that we received in the Lick My Dip Subscription Box. 
We were surprised and really excited to see it was a variety of spicy items instead of just hot sauce. 
Each type of box has it’s merit but this was definitely a welcome stray from the normal!

So what is all this stuff? 

Our Box Insert
My Brittle Pony Jerky
Crazy! Horse meat jerky and it’s SPIIIICY.
I’ve never had horse so we opened this in the unboxing video and tried it
This is kind of tougher than regular jerky and my husband loved it. The flavor I would describe as a wee bit leaner than regular jerky but otherwise the same. It’s the texture that’s different
The very last thing I expected to receive in my hot sauce box was horse jerky so this was something fun and different! There is no beef in this either. It is 100% horse. 
Chilli of the Valley Dia de los Muertos
This hot sauce packs an immediate punch! Crazy hot with yellow habanero and Bhut jolokia
It smells really “vegetable-y” and fresh
It’s a pretty thin liquid and more orange than red
The heat of this hot sauce is not only immediately biting but it’s LASTING. I had that hot feeling in my mouth for AT LEAST 20 minutes after trying a little bit! Very good stuff. 
The most amazing part is if you look at the teeth there are peppers. I’m guessing that that’s a “hotness” rating. There’s room for three more peppers.. wowweeeee!
Capsicana Mexican Cook Sauce
We haven’t had a chance to use this yet however I can see my husband sizing up foods to pair it just the right way.
We received the Chili and Garlic flavor but there are four different kinds including a Brazilian Chili and Coconut which sounds fabulous!
Love the inside of the package! 
This appears to be a kind of green chile sauce and I can assure you we are definitely excited to give it a try!
Gummy Chile 
This is a really big gummy! Looks sweet and tasty right? Yeah, it had me fooled too…
This little baby is spicy. It smells like Strawberry… and so you can imagine my surprise when it lit my mouth on fire!
All jokes aside though, I thought that this was really good!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Right out of the gate we love the Lick My Dip presentation! The box is fun and well packaged! It’s cheeky and keeps the tone light and fun just like we like. Quality is excellent. All of these are items are really great! Curation is awesome as well, we hadn’t heard of any of these products and we were super excited and pumped to try them all! We also really like that this is a mix of different types of spicy items and not just hot sauces.
We really enjoyed this box and think that if you want exposure to new or different hot sauce items and products this is definitely the box for you!

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