Montecito Cosmetics Review

*products were received free for review

If you remember recently I reviewed some bath products from Montecito Cosmetics and was excited that they’d be launching their makeup line. Well, it launched and I got to review a few of their items and share with you guys!

I also included them in my monthly beauty box haul!
Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s What I Received
A sneak peak of a new item that isn’t even available on the site yet!
This Marilyn Monroe / Burlesque Hand Cream is nourishing and pretty fabulous
I love the pump bottle and package design as well!
One Touch Glow Highlighter
I knew as soon as I saw this I wanted to try it!
I love the gold packaging – everything about this screams FANCY!
The applicator is nice and allows you to add only a little at a time so you don’t waste too much. I picked a little red scratch on my hand to try to conceal
A little dab 
And voila!
Black Gel Eyeliner
This is my favorite item. This is a solid choice for a gel liner!
It’s blendable but stays put and I even tightlined it in the look that I did with the palette that I also received from Montecito!
Nude & Smoky Palette
The colors in this palette are gorgeous and intense! I was super excited to play with this!
Some swatches …

So here’s what I did

First I used the glow corrector and tightlined my eyes. I thought about making a video tutorial but between all the kids and bad lighting in my house I’m not sure it would be worth it!
Bleh this pic is blurry but basically I use a tapered brush and just press and wiggle at the base of my lashes. The effect should make your lashes look fuller but not that you’re wearing liner.
I then apply the white pan to the tops of my brow bones. There’s a little fallout but not much
There’s one shimmery shade in the palette and I apply that the innermost portions of my eye
I love the shimmer – it’s just the right amount
Next I apply this color to the center of the bottom portion of my lid 
And put this guy all up in my creases. This is my first time so I wanted to try them all out of course!
Then I apply the black which is BLACK. It’s well pigmented and perfect for smoky eyes!
Not bad for a first experimentation! 
I love the cosmetics that I’ve received from Montecito Cosmetics! And I used all my bath salts from the first shipment I received. The products are super high quality but feel young and fun. A great company that I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more of!

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